New beginnings…

This year I made a decision to be more committed to enjoying life, more often than not we are so engrossed  in our ideas of what makes our lives more meaningful, things like getting our grades up, getting recognition for our work, making money (my personal favorite) and so on, that we forget the most important things in life are the little things. Most of us live a routine uneventful and uninteresting life so therefore to live deliberately, boldly, to try new things and begin new journeys  and thereby challenge myself I finally opened my blog.

I have wanted to open my personal blog  for awhile now but didn’t  because I was scared and I was confused on what and what to focus on but I decided on lifestyle which will involve posts on my latest adventures, fashion and one of my newest most recent hobbies photography.  This is all new to me and frankly I recently only started getting the confidence to share my thoughts via social media check my Instagram @destiny_awata.

I hope to grow in this journey and that you enjoy reading and experiencing alongside me much as I anticipate I would enjoy writing and sharing these posts.

With that Happy May second quarter of 2017. You still have the opportunity to start again start afresh, begin something new rearrange your goals and formulate new plans. Enjoy the new month ahead.

Hasta la vista. Till next time I remain Me 💕


  1. …a time for everything they tell us the world has; a time to be born and a time to die, but the Phoenix breaks this rule as it’s Death transcends to it’s Birth, out of it’s Ashes emerges Beauty, A new Beginning born of Old destruction…
    How so? Magic!
    Congrats on finding your Magic…

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