Just a girl…

*Currently listening to Only Girl in the world by RihRih*

Growing up we hear people say this and that about being a female. How you should act, what you should do, how you should react, when you should speak, when not to speak, what kind of professional career to pursue and what to aspire to.

Most believe the highest level of achievement for a female is marriage and kids they also believe a girl’s place is beside a man serving and bearing children.

Some others believe in the supremacy of the feminine race, they believe females should do more, be more, know their worths and don’t let anyone bullshit them. Although I’m a fan of that I believe everything in life has to do with your choices and these choices should be based on facts of who you are as an individual.

I believe a girl just like anyone should be gifted the opportunity of choosing what kind of life she wants and what paths to pursue based on who she is and what she enjoys doing.

You may say “what does she know I am older so I know better”.  Well, no one is disputing your knowledge. You may be older and smarter and more experienced but you will never know someone better than they know themselves.So Instead of making assumptions ask her what she wants because you do not always know what’s best.

More often than not a girl is just trying to find her way in this world and in the wise words of Big Sean “everything ain’t for everybody”.InShot_20170506_171056

Something to think about while we go into the new week don’t forget to drop your comments and like.

Till next time I remain me💕


  1. …those who do not know the rules and are not chosen for initiation must remain in confusion or suffer from paranoid delusions that something is happening of which they are not quite aware…for everyone to have the opportunity to be involved in a given group and to participate in its activities the structure must be explicit, not implicit… #lessonsfromMrBlah #chivalry #feminist #valarmorghulis

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  2. ……… i believe every girl should be given the opportunity to decide what she wants….. not to be told to do what they want… she isn’t some kind of robot….
    Let her breath,let her be happy.

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  3. “I believe a girl just like anyone should be gifted the opportunity of choosing what kind of life she wants and what paths to pursue based on who she is and what she enjoys doing.”
    That is all about what being a feminist is about; creating equal opportunities for women based on who she is and what she enjoys… but people think you just hate men … arrrg! Lovely post


    1. Yes Dear people fear what they cannot understand or refused to understand. Feminism means equal opportunities not “man hate”. Thanks a lot for your views💕


  4. I believe my first child is going to be a baby girl, am not sure how i know this but i can feel it, maybe it is because i have always seen a woman being as a kind of a miracle. Their ability to bring a life into this world and survive the experience, that for me is something i can never put into words. So yes, i believe a woman just want to live her life just like anybody should. You write very well dear.

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  5. This is a lovely reminder especially for a mom whose daughter is 21. I forgot that she just wants the simple things, shoes, to dance in the rain, to be happy. I know I’ve been too focused on encouraging and not laughing together enough. And perhaps I also need to be more relaxed with myself. This has touched my heart. Thanks for this post


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