Apapa: An Adventure…


   *currently listening to Keane-somewhere only we know*

As a young adventurer I jump at an opportunity to experience something exciting and new. This was what I did the day I visited Apapa amusement park in Lagos, Nigeria for the first time.InstaShot_20160901_141902

On a random Saturday in August last year I decided to join the amusement band wagon (my crazy friends). It was quite a journey getting there from where I stay and through the Lagos madness, notwithstanding that fateful Saturday we made our way to the Apapa Amusement Park.

Walking into the amusement park was like stepping into a different country entirely. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I stood in awe staring buildings which looked like those that belonging in a Disney cartoon and at the same time reminded me of brown biscuits.

The park was big with buildings as far as your eyes can see, there was an event center, indoor game center which had a variety of fun games, a restaurant with an outdoor sitting area where you can eat and relax and the outdoor game center which was separated by a gate.  My buddies and I didn’t waste time getting our picture vibe on as we posed for various snapshots, I faithfully behind the camera “ultimate unprofessional photographer” and in front of the camera dancing.

After of the photo frenzy we proceeded to get our amusement park boarding pass which was a small card like an ATM  card worth about N4,000 (we bought extra credits for the rides). This card was used to pay for our individual gate fees and this is how we also paid for our numerous rides.

After paying at the gate to enter the outdoor game we proceeded to be amused. I know what you must be thinking aren’t we too old to be hanging out at an amusement park? Well the answer my dear friends is NO having fun never goes out of style. We hopped from one ride to another testing our adult strengths and fulfilling our childhood wishes.

We enjoyed go carting, the jack sparrow and many other rides, some rides were scary others not so scary and the best part of it was that the rides ranged from 700-300 naira. After the fun of the day we ate a nice meal which cost only a thousand five hundred per plate and we also took home pizza. It was an adventure worth writing about. I have to say it was indeed a fun filled ice cream, cotton candy and even rides filled day and I would definitely do it again.

InstaShot_20160901_022938~2                                                    Till next time I remain Me. xxx


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