Random and Unedited


Last month I ventured into portraits and a bit of fashion photography. I have always loved taking pictures and I put that extra effort to make sure the photograph stands out. Yes I am the friend that repositions your head to the light and angles the camera to get your good side just so that the picture comes out perfectly I just love it when I take a really cool picture and the person is satisfied.InShot_20170404_130812.jpg

My love for taking pictures grew this year and I wanted to explore some more with a professional camera. So therefore I picked up a Cannon camera and started practicing.

I call these pictures “Random” because I didn’t set up this particular shoot I just sort of ‘crash shot the models’ and Unedited because I love capturing things in their true essence (plus I haven’t mastered photoshop yet 🙈).IMG_0708.JPG Here are some of the pictures I took when I crashed the 9jacampustyle Next Top model shoot. The funny part of this whole story is that I wasn’t even supposed to be there, I only accompanied my friend who is a makeup artist (@tiahs_glam) to the venue so that I could assist her in photographing her models for the day.

IMG_0741 (2)

IMG_0211IMG_0728.JPGWhen I was on set with the makeup artists, models and photographers I felt  awkward not because I haven’t been in such a situation before but because I haven’t really snapped people in front of others in broad daylight before so I felt a bit scared but that faded away. And even when I received some negative comments from some about the fact that I was photographing the models some said “what are you doing with a camera? Do you even know how to handle it?” I didn’t let that discourage me.


Till next Time I remain Me xxx…


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