My Thrift Tales: New Obsession…

*currently listening to Befour – Zayn Malik*


I usually try to reflect my personality in my choice of clothing, I love looking good in the most simplistic and comfortable way as possible. I’m not the girl that kills herself to look “peng”.  Two things I’ve always loved minimalist clothing because of the simplicity and black because it is classy. Embedding these two (black and comfortability) into styling my pieces isn’t always easy. InShot_20170417_081314InShot_20170417_080152

Why? because not every piece of really comfortable clothing is “trendy”. Although I am a huge fan of 80’s inspired clothing articles this is 2017 and you hardly ever see eye catching comfortable fashion statement pieces in this era of criss cross and cut outs. This is why thrifting right now to me is the best way to find pieces that match my unique taste in clothes, the high end stores carry commercial fashion pieces ie. what is hot and trendy right now. So it is really difficult to find fashion pieces that meet my taste.InShot_20170417_080340

This is one of the reasons my heart totally melted when I saw this Fled pants which I’m totally obsessed with at the moment. InShot_20170417_080437.jpg

These pants thrifted have been one of my most amazing finds so far. It is two things I love comfy, and classy. The cotton is so soft against my skin and the “skirts” of the pants are so free and light with no constrictions whatsoever. I paired them with a matching camisole top (forever 21), a jean jacket and my reliable nude shoes for a sunday out and about slayage.

This is the first way I styled my fled pants and I will definitely be experimenting with is article of clothing in the near future and will definitely share it on the blog. Do you have an article of clothing that you can’t get over right now? Share your thoughts on how you think I should style this pants next time.9A639A7E-41E2-4DED-8762-74DDB50CA20FL0001.jpg

Till next time, I remain Me  xxx…






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