“To live to truly live, we must be willing to Risk. to be Nothing in order to find everything. To LEAP before we look- Mandy Hale”

Before flight occurs a leap has to happen, a bird leaps into the skies before it flaps it’s wings and fly it takes a small jump or leap believing its wings will not fail. When you hear leap I’m sure your mind goes straight to jumping off stable grounds into the unknown. To leap is to jump into uncertainties trying to overcome or forge ahead but what happens next  after we leap Sink or swim? Fall or fly? These are the questions that plague our minds. To leap, take a chance, to grasp an opportunity we are presented with opportunities daily some leap towards them others hold back due to the fear of the unknown. Usually the leap is scarier that the flight why? To take a leap of faith is hoping for the best against all odds, making a decision and this may sometimes need a creative mind because this decision may lead to a brighter future or our doom. We ask ourselves all questions but one Will I regret not taking this opportunity in the future? Will I regret being too afraid to start something new? Being too scared of failure that I don’t do anything worthwhile with my life failing all the same in the end. The ability to recognize a great opportunity is in itself a blessing and the ability to leap forward is the first step to greatness. In my previous post I spoke of how we all are unique in our own ways and how the only person with the ability to hold you back is you. So what you fall or sink to your lowest level? Pick yourself up and try again. Don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back don’t self-sabotage yourself. Sink or Swim, fall or Fly you may sink and fall or you may swim in cool waters or enjoy the view from the top but these are only possible if you take that bold step to LEAP. Enjoy your week my dear readers.

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