Sometimes the only factor hindering our success and break throughs isn’t that we are lazy it’s our inability to dream big, our inability to see a bigger picture in our head.

Although most of us do not know this and most of us do, we are blessed with insight an ability to see beyond, given to us divinely so why do we not use it? We limit our vision hence limiting ourselves.

I read once on millionaire mentor that if your dreams don’t scare you then you aren’t doing it right, you aren’t dreaming big enough. Sometimes our environment tries to place us in a box by saying we are “over reaching” or we are “over ambitious” I say who are they to tell you how far you should reach? Or how ambitious you should be? As long as your ambitions are not boarded on the verge of crime then you’re good. Men die today due to their lack of vision men perish due to the limitations they allowed upon themselves.

The man that dreamt of flying vessels and made plans, the man that dreamt of electricity, the men that dreamt up social media platforms Facebook and the like are no different from you. The thing they probably did differently is they have BIG DREAMs I’m sure people doubted them, told them they were over reaching over ambitious but did they stop? No! They didn’t. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are from, if you have a dream big enough to fill a house hold on to it, don’t loose it, build on it, stay with it, focus on it and believe in yourself and surely you will make head way. Do not be afraid of your big dreams the world needs more of you. Believe in yourself.

Take these thoughts and my best wishes as you go into another wonderful week. Don’t forget to share this post and keep living and dreaming. Until next time I remain Ever Dreaming me xxx💓.





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