Hey there July!

It’s a new month but not just any new month.  July!! Yaay. What’s so special about July you ask? Well let’s see it’s not only the 7th month of the year or the month that marks the beginning of the end of a year. I’m one of those people that believe once something is past it’s half it’s already ending. We all have had visions and set goals for 2017 and some people are achieving and kicking the ass of their goals but others are not doing so well.

Maybe you have kicked butt in some areas in your life but some other areas are lacking well have no fear FAM we all have been there, Me for example I’m currently there for the past 6 months I have done some good, achieved some things and also done some major damage all in working towards my set goals and ultimately my vision for 2017. So July is another chance for me, a month where I can set new goals and formulate new strategies to achieving them and you can too. I know I would just after I finish eating the bowl of cereal sitting on my bed right now.

Why am I so excited about July? It’s usually the month that marks holidays for me since when I could remember July have always meant Break time for me and I’m sure that’s the same for some of you. It’s good to take a break sometimes, unwind and do new things so I will try to make the most of this month (maybe finally perfect my driving skills fingers crossed).

So my lovelies you still have enough time to set some goals and kick their butts why because you are badasss☺

Thanks for all the feedback I have been getting from you guys viewing my blog. I love you all keep telling me what you love and your experiences and keep sharing and reposting 💕. Enjoy this new month to the fullest. 


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