TGIF: Fries before Guys…

Hey there lovelies its Friday, so I thought why not venture into food blogging I mean I eat out a lot why not blog about food!
I’m super excited can you tell? Some years back being a foodie seemed like a “crime” especially for females. I mean in high school I knew girls that where bulimic because of the fear of adding weight but thank God for this new age where expressing yourself truly and honestly isn’t out of style so if you are a foodie own it. When I see lady food bloggers I’m like go girl Get It!

Am I a foodie maybe? lol I mean I love eating cakes, chicken, rice, veggies etc although I don’t cook much I love me a well cooked meal 🙂
When it comes to food I like being a bit adventurous trying new things everyday. I am not usually a fries person but that phrase was hella catchy so I had to use it whereas these fries are the type to put before anything Guys inclusive #sorrynotsorry 🙂InShot_20170523_051558.jpg




Myself and one of my besties Pauls found this amazing restaurant where we usually go to have a good meal and drink. It helps especially after a hectic school week and I became a chicken and fries girl after this plate it was so filling and tasty. Now I’m back home for the holidays and I miss this although I don’t miss school or the stress.
What are your favorite foods? Let me know.
Enjoy your weekend and be a bit adventurous. Love D.A.


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