Outdoors in my Embroidered Flared Sleeved Crop Blouse…

Hi there lovelies, last time on the fashion fort I told you I love comfy yet chic fashion pieces today still on my comfy chic look, I’m sharing this crop blouse (thrifted) that I absolutely love.
This blue crop blouse with flared sleeves and embroidery white and green pattern is one of my most recent thrift finds.IMG_20170430_102126.jpg

I got it for a giveaway price which I was obviously ecstatic about. For my first look I paired it with my favorite pants right now this open leg black pants (I have so many looks with these black pants), a nice white sandals and a blue MK bag. I  love the texture and the fit of these on me.IMG_20170430_102150.jpg

The nice fabric, embroidery pattern and Flared sleeves was what sold me on this blouse, the crop takes it from loose chic  to a little naughty and stylish which I really like. I can’t wait to pair this blouse with so many other fashion pieces of mine!IMG_20170430_102146.jpg
I think I nailed the comfy yet chic look. What are your thoughts? Do you like it? Should I do something differently next time?
Till next time I remain chic and comfy Love D.A


  1. Fabulous post, hun! 😍
    I nominated you for the LIEBSTER AWARD. It is an award given to bloggers by bloggers. I just thought you’re a very inspiring and definitely hardworking person! Please visit my blog to know how you can participate. 💕(if you don’t want to, it’s completely fine! Heartiest congratulations to you anyway)


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