Skincare: Pure Tropix.Africa (Product Review)

Hello lovelies, Today on beauty and skincare I want to talk about a brand that I am totally obsessing about Pure Tropix.Africa.InShot_20170726_210848.jpg

It is an all nautral skin care brand that has a range of products that norish the skin and makes it glow. The ingredients used in production include Shea butter, avocado oil,Aloe Barbadensis (Organic Aloe) Leaf Juice, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Wild Carrot oil, Watermelon seed Oil,Aloe butter, and Ostrich oil and many other natural ingredients.Screenshot_20170718-100320.png

Sometime last year I saw their Instagram page and I was like wow the customer testimonials were what caught my attention two of their products the scar and blemish cream for lightning of scars and evening out blemishes and the ingrown hair prevention stood out based on their fast results. If you know me you will know I am big on natural skin care products without addictives or artifical substances so I just had to try them out myself.InShot_20170726_211055.jpg

The Scar and blemish cream has been doing wonders for my skin I noticed my skin getting clearer in barely a few weeks of used I have been seeing results. The ingrown hair prevention is good for razor bums and so on it clears the skin living a clearer and smoother area.Since my trial I have decided to stick with this skin care product and see where it leads.InShot_20170724_170052.jpg

I will definitely try more of their products and give reviews are the months go by. You can check them out on Instagram @PureTropix.Africa and shop on their online store at http://www.Pure tropix

Have you ever used this product? If you have what was your experience? If you haven’t would you like to try it? Or do you have your own alternative skin care products.

Till next time I remain melanated and glowy☀ Love D.A.


  1. Hello

    my name is Josephine in SA. I would like more information about the pure tropix products and would like to know if I want to buy and sell it in SA, how can I place my orders and who to help me with this..


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