Liebster Award!

Starting August on a fresh note and keeping my promise to Sammmy  ( I am posting this up now, sorry its coming lateScreenshot_20170803-120856

So the amazing Sammy ( nominated me for this award. Kindly check her blog and follow her posts are just amazing.

Here is my question and answer session.

1. How do you find ideas to post

There are so many things that pop into my head and so many things I want to share that gives me inspiration for my blog posts.

2. What is your favorite quote and by whom

I love quotes especially motivational quotes my favorite right now is FOCUS – Follow One Course of action Until Successful I don’t know who coined this quote though I wish I did.

3. What are the characteristics if a good blog post

I’m not the expert but in my opinion a good blog post should pass the adequate information to your audience.

4. What have you learnt from blogging

I have learnt so much especially that I can do anything an be anything if I give myself the chance to improve and work on myself. I also learnt that there is a whole other world out here full of creative and awesome people that I can relate with on another level, I didn’t know that before now I do.

5. When not blogging what do you do for fun

I go out see the world around me usually with a camera I love taking pictures. I also enjoy lots of reading.

6. Two random facts about you

* I love shoes too much is not enough with me

* I’m scared of dogs ( have the scars to justify my fear)

7. What is your ideal holiday? Where would like to travel?

Everywhere. Europe, Asia,all of Africa and the Island countries.

8. Do you have any Phobias if so what?

I’m working to overcome them so not really.

9.What’s an interesting fact about you that not many people know?

I come off as a lot of things to lots of people you will have to really know me to know me

10. What’s the craziest most spotanoues thing you have ever done?

I didn’t really know a place once wasn’t familiar with the streets etc but I had an opportunity so I didn’t want to loose that opportunity because of unfamiliarity of the place so I went and I ended up not only knowing the place getting my opportunity I made long lasting accquitances.


11. Would you say you are an optimist, persist or realist

I am a realistic optimist.

I nominate everyone reading this yes you beautiful I nominate you for this award.

That’s all for today. I do hope you have the best ofvAugust till next time. I remain me. Love D.A.



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