Purpose, Plan and Timing: Plan (part II)

Hello Lovelies, today on the three part series  Purpose, Plan and Timing our focused is Plan.

Most times you hear “What’s the plan?”, “I plan to”, ” it wasn’t part of my plan” so the word PLAN isn’t new to us.

When I was younger and up till date my dad usually says to us ” If you fail to Plan you plan to fail”. I grew up on this quote. I knew for anything to happen a plan should be put in place. So what is a Plan or what do you mean by laying down a Plan?

Simply up a plan is a set of actions laid down or marked out with the intention of achieving a Goal. Obviously the process of setting out or marking out these actions will be Planning.

We have so much we want out of life, so much we want to do, buy and experience and we obviously can’t do them all at once so the essence of planning set in. For example I may want 5 things pay my tuition, buy new clothes, get myself a new laptop, buy a digital camera and go to Italy; now those may be the 5 things that when I think what do I want those pop up in my head but I obviously cannot do them all at once although I really want them all but I don’t know how to go about achieving all things. This is where the ability of planning set in firstly I have to make a priority list which will tell me the things I can delay and the things I cannot delay because  let’s say I go to Italy I will have a time of my life but I may not have enough to pay for tuition. Everyone’s plan is unique and different why? Because we have different paths in life. Now I decide to pioritise and make paying for tuition, buying a new laptop first and buying a camera, going to Italy and buying new clothes later.

Your plan must work with your purpose. So if my purpose or goal is to be a traveling academia then the academic part has to be settled first that is why I will pay my tuition but I won’t negelect my  traveler part so therefore during my academic year I will set up a fund where I can gradually save towards buying that camera and going to Italy.  Plans change our goals can change so our plans will also change with purpose. You cannot use an old plan for a new purpose. So using that example and I decide going to Italy is more important that school, I can deferr the school year and travel to Italy. Also if I decide with a valid point that being a photographer trumps all school, clothes, laptop and clothes my plan will change I will have new priorities like buying a camera, taking photography classes or and institute for photographers, getting a mentor and so on. Our plans should always be purpose oriented it should always be in line with our end goal which is our PURPOSE.

Till next time lovelies I remain ever planing and replaning Love D.A💕


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