Purpose, Plan and Timing: Timing

Hello lovelies,

“Time is an illusion, timing is an art-Stefan Emunds”

Last week and the week before I talked the importance of deciding your purpose and the importance of  planning  today’s topic is timing.  So what is Timing? It is simply  the ability to select the right or precise moment for doing something for optimum effect. To begin with let me just say a plan without a timeline is a wish or a dream, a GOAL in my definition is a plan which is to be achieved within a specific time that’s what makes it achievable.

For example “I want to travel to Italy” that’s a wish but ” I want to travel to Italy in 2020″ now that’s a goal which is achievable why? because you have a timeline to work with which is 2020 hence you can work diligently to achieve this goal of yours.

It is not enough to decide your purpose or one of your purposes and device a plan to achieve it,  you have to give each plan a timeline so it comes alive. Ever noticed that you can plan and plan and never get anything done? Well I have, in the past I have made so many plans but I didn’t get any of them done so I started doing some research on how to effectively plan and execute those plans. I noticed that the one element I missed was timing. I never timed my plans. I never wrote down a timeline so I decided to start timing my plans (setting goals) and I noticed the difference when I began to gradually achieve my set goals one by one. Truthfully you may not achieve everything you planned at the end of your timeline but you would have made enough progress to estimate the remaining time that would be needed to achieve this goal.

Time waits for no man yes so effective timing is a skill you have to build over time ( irony), I believe that one of the first steps towards effective timing is making a detailed plan and estimating how long it would take to achieve this goals for yours when you set that timeline, you can start working diligently to achieve them. What I do which may or may not be helpful is that I decide in detail the steps I am supposed to take to achieve a purpose or a goal,I estimate how long it will take and I do something for extra drive to achieve my goal I shorten my timeline by a month or two why because I know if am an racing to achieve something great within a limited period of time I won’t get tired amor bored that drives me.

What gives you the drive to smash your goals? I hope you enjoyed this three part series. Kindly share your thoughts on this topic and don’t forget to like, subscribe and share. Till next time Love D.A 


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