Hello lovelies,

Last week I finished my three part mini seriesthanks for the views likes and comments.

Today I will just be saying few things on dwelling on past events and how it can ultimately affect you. Oh well I didn’t want to post this up but I have seen so much “saltiness” over the weekend and I thought I should address it for whoever cares to listen. We all go through a lot, anger, rejection, sadness, betrayals, heartbreaks etc. We may be hurt by people close to us  and feel down like why me? I’m good loyal I shouldn’t be treated that way. Yes I understand it happens and it hurs alot, now rather than move on some hold on to this grudge, this hurt and pain which will ultimately rob you of happiness and whenever you see that individual(s) that caused you so much hurt happy you get angry. Why? Because you are dwelling.

By dwelling on your hurt, you hurt yourself you tell yourself you don’t deserve better, you don’t deserve to move on and find peace. Well you do. You deserve to forgive and move on. You deserve to breath without pent up anger. Trust me I know I used to feel so angry because of betrayals and what not but I realized that while the preperators of my pain where moving on and doing great things with their lives I was stuck in the dungeon I put myself the dungeon in my mind that was deeply wronged, and I put myself in that dugeon hoping one day they realize and they apologize and whenever I saw a picture of them on social media I will get so angry like how can they treat me like this and find happiness? such monsters! I remained in this dark dungeon for a period until I decided I can’t continue living like this so I started taking steps of riding myself of all that hurt. The truth is its easier to remain salty and angered than to forgive and move on, but step by step I started forgiving and letting go of all the hurt and betrayals and loving myself it was a process that right now I do not give a rat’s ass if they realized they hurt meand apologize I’m good!( like that the weekend song i’m good i’m good i’m great🎧🎤 lol)

I’m not saying forgive them hold hands and sing kumbaya if you can do that sincerely then that’s awesome. All I’m saying is create light within yourself by giving yourself heavy dozes of self love and soon and enough you won’t find yourself holding on to the hurt or people that hurt you. Soon enough you can let go and say oh well they did what they did and I hope they had their reasons. Focus on your happiness why? Because you are beautiful with a great soul and you deserve to show yourself and the whole world your happiness because thr earth infact the universe is all the better all the happier because you are happy and your happiness is not tied to a place, person or thing.

Your light will radiate so what they hurt and lost you their loss not yours, so what they never apologized you are good aren’t you? Guess what! Even if you don’t believe this you will meet so many awesome individuals that will be drawn to your self love and happiness and you will make magic! So don’t loose hope, don’t lock yourself in a dark dungeon of self pity, don’t post deadass memes on social media hoping they realize how much they hurt you, don’t dwell on hurt caused by others don’t give them that power over you. Focus you because You are better, you are stronger and you’re Good.

Till next time I am Magic so are you Love D.A💕

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