Sexual Assault rampaging our society

Hello Lovelies, today seems like a good day for a rant so there it is because it pains my heart whenever I pick the newspaper and I see yet another news on sexual assault.

I have noticed a deadly trend of violation of boys, girls children and for crying out loud babies! I ask myself why? What is happening in our society today.

A Rape Culture. What is RAPE? Most of us act like it doesn’t exist but Rape is sexual assault, sexual violation and sexual abuse. It is forcing one’s sexual desires on others taking by force pleasure from another human and hurting them in the process.

What is RAPE culture? These are behaviors commonly associated with rape culture include victim blaming, slut shaming, sexual objectification, trivializing rape, denial of widespread rape, refusing to acknowledge the harm caused by some forms of sexual violence, or some combination of these attitudes. Put simply rape culture is giving excuses for sexual violenece and sadly this is so common today.

Some even claim they didnt know what they were doing I dont buy this because the moment he/she says no to your sexual advances and you force your way. You raped them! Meaning you are a Rapist, a molester and nothing excuses this act.

You have taken something you cannot give back, you have damaged something that cannot be fully repaired. When you rape you kill. You kill a soul, you crush a beautiful spirit under your untamed wicked desires and No there are no excuses.

Now so many people do not like talking or reading about this subject but let’s be real even if for some few minutes. We know it happens you cannot deny the facts which have been so vividly proven in every 10 to 20 people 1 or 2 have been through some sort of sexual abuse or the other.

It has happened to some of us sometimes more than once and these beautifully crushed souls are left with pain and stigma. Like why? Why on earth will someone be stigmatized based on something that happened to them something they didn’t ask for? How in the world is that fair? How in the world is that acceptable? I am wondering in pain as to how many people have suffered from sexual abuse for the years and the stigma they had to face once they spoke up. They become shameful, they hide, it takes years before they find the strength to share and heal and for years they blam themselves and not their molesters, some even try to take their lives because of the stigma.

The Bible says Man’s nature is desperately wicked but I never really understood the height of wickedness until I breached upon this subject. The fact that people are violated by others and some persons think it is “okay”, saying “she asked for it” or “how do boys even get raped?” “She condoned it” etc. makes me quiver as to what kind of world we live in right now. Children are being sexual assaulted daily children as young as babies of 4 months! That’s appalling.

Who protects these weak persons? The law? Which law the one that allows child marriages? The one that persecutes rape within a family with kid gloves? That law oh hell no!

Victims all over the world suffer from lack of justice. This is why the trend continues as some victim become rapists, killers, depressed because they lash out against the world that didn’t protect them from the perverts and it is more common than we think.

I recently was involved in a conversation in my blogger group and extensive conversations about this topic. There are alot of persons out there that need our support, our love, our acceptance. We need to tell them no you are not dirty, it’s not your fault you are golden and don’t let anyone crush that spirit of yours. Easier said than done I know, but a conscious effort needs to be made towards supporting victims, awareness isn’t enough we all need to be actively involved in protecting and healing these victims.

Have your ever been through this or do you know someone who has been through sexual abuse? Kindly share your thoughts as to ways of coping and what you generally think on this subject which unfortunately is the reality of people we know, people we love.

I will be talking more on real life issues and societial problems on the blog from time to time. Until next time dont forget to like and share Have a wonderfully blessed week. All my Love and support D.A♥.


  1. The other day when I was heading to the busstop, a random man that I did not know spanked my behind and shouted Hi sister! I felt demeaned, embarrased and ashamed. I did not take any action for I feared people would blame me since I had worn a knee length dress. Sexual harrassment does not seem to be ending anytime soon. I did not talk to anyone I went away with a low head and hoped into a bus.


    1. My dear sorry that happened to you. Things like this enrage me and the fact that our government is unreliable enrage me even more. I wonder what kind of future we are looking forward to. I may tell you if this happens next time do
      stand your ground and confront him but that will be a dangerous advice. I only hope this never happens to you ever.

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  2. I had a guy assault me in the summer of 2016. He was a friend from work and i started trusting him way too much. My situation was very messed up with him. I am married and he knew it, my marriage was in a really bad spot and he got me confiding in him about all the things wrong with it. (Never should have, very bad move.) I thought i was starting to like him but i made it clear that i was not leaving my husband unkess he did some things that were divorce worthy. This guy kept wanting to hang out and hid hands, but i told him no. He wouldn’t stop pushing, manipulating and harassing about it. I did hang out with him and he kept putting his arms around me, even when i told him no or pushed him away. He kissed all over my neck, making me numb and feel sick. Another time he groped me, and kissed me. I blamed myself that it happened for hanging out with him a second time, but he kept begging me and through me into a guilt trip that his depression was worse if i didn’t hang out add friends. He promised he wouldn’t touch me again. But after tinge he started touching me again and groped me. I blamed myself cause i let it happen. But i felt so guilty that i was causing him to be unhappy. After over a year it finally hit me that i was being manipulated and sexuallyy assaulted. I had told him no. I pushed him away. Ti this day i go back and forth in my head questioning myself… Was it my fault cause i admitted i liked him? Was it my fault cause i hung out with him a couple more times.. The 2nd and 3rd time of hanging he didnt touch me so i thought i could trust him.. The forth time he did it all over again but i was starting to feel ok with it, i was like feelng brainwashed. . until be groped me..then i just wanted it to all stop! He asked for a good by kiss and i told him i think he had enough. He aggressively charged at me and kissed me anyway…. I feel like im guilty at times and other times i get angry cause i know i was assaulted. Admitting you like someone doesn’t give them a right to force their touching on you till you finally stop pushing then away. Why is it every day i have to keep telling myelf that? My mixed emotions on guilt and anger are so confusing sometimes. That’s why i put it all in my blog, hoping to understand myself and get clarification.


    1. Hey dear, thanks for sharing that’s the first step to healing. The fact you liked him didn’t give him the right time force himself on you. I am very thankful that it didn’t go beyond unwanted groping. He took advantage of your trust in him and the misunderstandings in your marriage tried to manipulate you into having some sort of twisted fantasy brewing in his head. I am very angered when I read stories like this. I hope you are healing and moving on with your life. Try as much as possible to forgive (yourself for the blame and shame) and him. Move on and please make sure you keep your distance from this man. God bless you and give you peace.


      1. Thank you. I no longer talk to him. He got mad when i wouldn’t contact him privatly to say hello once in a whike and told me i was being a cold hearted bitch to him and acting like a cunt. He told people i had an affair on my husband, and that i Told him i was leaving and that’s why he tried to get with me. Flat out lie. He said he believed he could eaily get me to sleep with him! Told me in a message that he touched me( meaning groping) and that i liked it.. I had to set him straight. Im blessed to be free from this sick individual. God bless you, thank you for the talk. ❤

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