My day at Lekki Conservation Center

Adventure called again and I answered this time I visited the Lekki Conservation Center (LCC) on Lagos Island, Lagos Nigeria.

On the 1st of October my country turned 57! And in a bid to celebrate I joined the adventure bandwagon once again, this time with my Blogger network (@thebloggersadvocate) visting LCC and it was awesome!

The day started like any other day but with a bit more excitement from my part because I was exploring somewhere different and I couldn’t wait to start off.

The Lekki Conversation Center is a center for wildlife conservation it’s over 70 hectares of land preserving wildlife and nature. It is really beautiful with a great ambience, and there are lots of fun activities to do.

I knew alot of walking and hiking was going to happen that day so I dressed really comfy a comfortable jeans and blouse with a camisole incase it was too hot and I had to take off the blouse , a comfortable pair of sneakers my backpack to store all my essentials and sunnies to block out the sun rays, my phone, I forgot my mini camera but made do with my phone’s camera. My friend invited herself along to go adventuring ans she became my unofficial photographer for the day the more the merrier.

We arrived few hours behind schedule due to some unforseen circumstances but arrived the Conservation Center in good time got our tickets and got our selves ready for a good hike while awaiting for the rest our group stuck in traffic to arrive. Long story short we finally started our hike of LCC, we were the last persons to go on the hike for that day and the canopy walk. We first took a hike of the bush wooden pathway and later went on the canopy walk in maximum groups of 7 persons for safety purposes.

Now heights is one of my greatest fears in life. Before I started I stood starring at the 1st canopy like okay this isn’t so bad and I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into that day until I did the first walk knowing I was going on a 401m Canopy Walk the next much higher than the last. I remember looking down and almost fainting I was scared shirtless and I wasn’t alone in my fear the other persons in my group of 7 where equally scared I actually had a very lovely lady in my group that was praying out loud and I honestly couldn’t blame her another lady wanted to go back but it was a one way Canopy walk and no turning back. I had thoughts of what if I fall? What if my phone falls? What if my friend falls because I promised her mum we weren’t doing anything so dangerous? But here we were climbing the longest Canopy walk in Africa over trees, crocodile and snake infested waters and swaying in the wind we had to grip and hold on tightly to the ropes. It was really scary trust me. We took little breaks between each canopy walk when we got to “level” ground for a bit before we continued our scarry walk to the end. But after the 3rd or 4th canopy walk I started getting used to the height and actually enjoying myself. So during our breaks we took pictures and just enjoyed the view. From up there the sky looked so beautiful clear and blue.

The walk ended finally but sadly came to an end just when I started enjoying the views.

Although the canopy walk was done with our adventure was hardly over we took a walk round the wooden pathway all the way back along the Bush paths and into an open space where we took more pictures and engaged in more games.nq My day and time at the Conservation Center was mind blowing literally I met new people (amazing bloggers such as Labake, Biba, Chika) and did things I never knew I could do and went home with a Goody bag.

It was awesome. Have I fully conquered my fear of heights? Well I don’t know about “fully” but I have taken major steps in conquering that phobia of mine. I hope you had an exhilarating weekend. And I wish you all and awesome week ahead. It’s Monday so kick some butts till next time Love D.A ♥


  1. I was here once but I was still a kid then, there were so many things I couldn’t do, climbing, and some other things I hope to visit someday


  2. No turning back!!! Omg!!! I imagined myself taking the walk there while reading and whew!!! I alreafy saw myself shouting… this place is amazing and the picture are great!!!


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