October Favorites!

October is usually my favorite Month in the year may be because it is my birth month. October 2017 has been so awesome for me and I am sharing my 5+ favorites for the month as it is coming to an end:

1. Celebrating Milestones: some time in August I shared how I hit my first blog milestones on wordpress, this month I hit 100 plus subscribers/followers and my best day for likes happened this month also.

My heart is full of so much joy. I consider everyone of you that read my blog posts my family and I am so grateful for this little milestones♥. I also grew as a human and as a person.

I also recieved some constructive criticism on my blog and my writing in general. I am just trying to do better and write better. I would like to think I am growing as a blogger and writer.

2. Adventures: this was the month of adventure for me. Starting from the first day of the month I visited the Lekki Conservation Center ( https://deeawata.wordpress.com/2017/10/16/visiting-lekki-conservation-center/), followed by two “foodventures” I had and enjoyed coming on the blog soon. Adventures are about pushing your limits, I really did this month and enjoyed every bit of it.

3. TBA love: my blogger support group have been so supportive. Lol, I know that’s what a support group is about but I can’t even describe their input in my life lately it’s all love and good vibes

4. Collaborations: I collaborated with some brands and a Vlogger on some mini projects and I have been creating content for websites lately also. I can’t wait to share all these experiences and involve in more collaborations it has been so much fun.

5. New Age: I turned 22 on October 30th!

I am super grateful to God Almighty for his Grace upon my life so far. My birthday fell on a school day it was hectic not much fun but I got to hang out with my favorite people briefly. And take some pictures and eat some cake celebrating this new age.

so I can’t even express my joy in words let’s see what this new year has in store for me.

I know God’s got my back♥. With this new month and age I begin new adventures.

6. Life lately: life lately has been hectic, school hasn’t been easy. Sometimes I feel very unmotivated but I have realized I have to pick myself up and do whatever it is I am supposed to do.

But I am grateful for life, and the bond of love and friendship.

These have been my favorite experiences in october how was your October? Share your experiences with me.

Don’t forget to like and subscribe. Love D.A😎😎


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