My Thrift tales: Back to school Haul (long overdue)

Remember the back to school shopping rush when you know you’re resuming a new school year and you go shopping (for everything).

When i am out shopping there is always the fight of needs against desire. What I need as against what looks so good I want to buy. If it was me of a few years ago desires would always win but a month ago when I was out shopping for Uni, essentials won over desires because I am getting smart with my money and these are a few items I purchased.


I am not really big on beauty products and makeup buying but in my bid to be more girly and try new things I purchased a few drug store beauty products. I made sure to stick with natural brands because of the sensitivity of my skin. Here is my list of items I ended up with:

1. The kiss beauty Green Tea powder: well my friend recommended this powder to me and since I trust her opinion and it was a more natural product than the others I have purchased in the past it was really good.

2. Davis Colour 18 brow pencils: my sister loves this brow pencils and now I know why they are really smooth and inexpensive. I purchased one for about N200 or so.

3. Aloe Vera Lip Balm ‘aloe lips’: this product is so nice on my lips smooth and refreshing

4. Also Vera Deodorant: I am not a fan of stick deodorants but this one is really nice, prevents bumps also and keeps my sensitive pits fresh

5. Lippies: lipsticks and lip stains of some colors


In the aspect of fashion pieces well I didn’t buy so much because I really didn’t see things I liked but I purchased some really nice items also

1. White blouses: my Uni asked us to incorporate dressing corporate (office like) into our dress code so an obvious excuse to get myself more white blouses. And I rocked one of these white blouses on my birthday.

2. Jellies: now I have loved this sandals from afar for over a year but there was so much craze about it then that I hesitated buying, but when I saw this beauties at a shoe shop I couldn’t walk away like I knew i had to buy them. So I bought not one but two and both cost me about N4000 it think that is a fair price. Or not?

3. Hello Jeans: I bought the most comfortable pair of jeans, which I have been wearing and loving. This jeans fit like a glove and is so comfy for a skinny denim trousers. I also got a boyfriend jeans which I love but this pair was a bit pricey.

That’s all for my back to school haul. I will go thrifting again soonish, but in the meantime what do you think about this particular haul? Are there any pieces you like? Are your essential back to school pieces and your favorite drugstore beauty products? Share your thoughts in the comment section. Enjoy your weekend.

Till next time Love D.A♥


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