Movie Review: The Wedding Party 2

You asked for it and I am giving it to you all!

Welcome to my first movie review, today I will be giving my thoughts on the most anticipated movie of December 2017, The Wedding Party 2 starring Nigeria’s Favorite Couple Banky Wellington (Banky W), the gorgeous Adesuwa Etomi (Mrs W),Sola Sobowale,Patience Ozokwor, Richard Mofe Damijo,Ireti Doyle and many others So lets get into it shall we and I won’t be including any major spoilers.

First off, I loved wedding party 1 because it took me by surprise, I am not a movie buff hence the lack of movie reviews on the blog but I saw The Wedding Party 1 and my love for the Nigerian weddings and culture came back in full force so I couldn’t wait to see Part 2.

I will keep this short and simple. The movie started with the obvious accidental proposal of Nonso Onwuka Dozie’s fine ass older brother (😍 who happened to be unmarried in part 1), to the beautiful “oyinbo pepper” Dunni’s friend Deidre Winston. Although there was not much of a backstory of Nonso’s and Deidre’s romance before the propsal and their relationship, it seemed that they were only dating for a short while of 6 months (which Nonso’s mum didnt pass of an opportunity to point out).

Well skip to Diedre accepting and breaking the news to her parents and Nonso telling his family. Skip to her family coming to Nigeria after alot of convincing ofcourse, then skip to the White wedding in Dubai. Lets not forgwt the family feuds and Diedre finding out of the accidental proposal. Calling off the wedding, her friends and family sticking up and fighting for the love between her and Nonso to the third proposal then the wedding. Alot of memorable scenes in between the skips but I promised no spoilers. I however cannot fail to mention I noticed a chemistry between two cahracters you will never guess which two well see the movie to find out.

Here are my best Moments of TWP2 in no particular order:

  • When Dozie told off his ex
  • When they arrived Dubai
  • Seeing Diedre in Native Yoruba bridal attire😍 and her weddibg dress
  • All the sauce Nonso was giving #noketchup
  • Negiotiang Diedre’s bride price with Harrison #hilarious
  • When Dunni’s mum broke into tears #touchedmyheart
  • Dunni’s mum fussing over her as usual features #hilarious
  • The proposals
  • Diedre’s father emphasis on their family title and link to royalty

I saw TWP2 at Genesis Cinema Warri, Delta State Nigeria at N2000 for a ticket with a complementary popcorn and drink all thanks to the best sister in the world allowing me tag along because I couldn’t miss watching this hilarious movie for anything.

That is all for my review of The Wedding Party 2, yes I predict there will be another wedding party with a very different storyline and I would love to see that in 2018. I advice you see this movie with an open mind without prejudice you will enjoy it better, I have seen alot of negative reviews online and I just want to say admist all the negativity The Wedding Party 2 have raked over a 100 million naira in the first few weeks of premiering so I guess they did something worthwhile right? I mean I agree that I would’ve loved to see more on the couple’s love story before the wedding but let’s not forget it is a movie about Nigerian weddings not marriage or relationship so yeah I can understand why the attention is on the destination of the wedding and the wedding itself. Thats my take yours may be different.

Have you seen this #twp1 and #twp2 ? What do you think of this movie? Should there be a continuation ie. #twp3? Enjoy your Friday😚. Love D.A♥


  1. I love the review. Yes I have seen the movie. I will admit that we share the same moment. Harrison negotiating the bride part was so hilarious. Nd for real that point where Sola Sobowale broke down in tears was quite emotional and touching

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