Fashion lately: Styling Polka Dot Pants

Hello lovelies, Is it too late to say Happy January because I have been enjoying this month so far you can see that from my choice Polka Dots Pants.

For my fashion segments on the blog, I have changed the title from Outfit of the day to fashion lately.

So on fashion lately I am styling my polka dot pants! I have never really been a Polka Dots fan, although polka dots pants are classic and I love classic pieces.

Short story: these pants where Thrifted a while ago and I got them specifically because I wanted to try sometime really new but I never got around actually wearing it up until now.

I paired the polka dot pants with a basic white top which was also Thrifted some time ago because I wanted to accentuate the white “polka dots” on the pants.

My favorite sandals right now did the trick of enlongating my legs. It was sunny and my hair was being unruly so I picked up a Visor and sunnies.

This outfit was easy to style and wear especially on a sunny day.

There are also some tips on how you can wear the polka dots pattern on pants and how to pull off this look differently and not look silly:

  • When pairing polka dots always go for basic colors thhat will make the piece pop. You can choose white, red or even green as long as it goes with your skintone
  • Be fun, i have come to realize that you can dress the polka dots trend up and down. This time I choose sandals, you can dress it up in heels and a blazer (i will try this look) and dress it down in sandals or even sneakers with a basic top
  • Choose the pattern of “polkas” that suit your silhouette. If you havent noticed the dots have different partterns so its important yo choose one that will be complimentary to your shape.
  • When wearing polka dots blouses its it important to choose a loosely fitted one as it looks more chic and classy.

What do you think of this outfit? Share your thoughts on Polka Dots in the comment section below and have a lovely weekend ahead. Love D.A♥


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