Your Money: Why you should have your own Domain name and host it.

Some weeks back I was on my regular internet surfing about a topic that had been bugging me for a while Domain names and hosting.

So about 2am or so in the morning after surfing countless pages on the net I came across a website that searches for appropriate domain names and hosts it for as little as $15/ year and I decided to share this with you.

For those that do not know a Domain name is a unique name that identifies a website this can be your business name, blog name, online store and so on.

The importance of having a domain name cannot be over emphasized as research have shown that having a domain name makes your website have a unique identity like an online business card which is makes it easily accessible to people all over the world.

How do you obtain a Domain name you may ask?

The first step in obtaining a Domain name is choosing a name suitable for your brand. For instance if you are a food blogger or have a recipe making business and you want a website for your blog or recipes you can choose a domain name like “RecipesbyNeil“. Choosing a name unique to your brand is very important as it introduces people to your brand even before they visit your website.

After choosing your unique name tbe next step is to get a web host service provider to register your unique domain name. Registering your domain name takes it off the makert making it unique to only you and your brand.

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You can register your domain name monthly, annually, biannually as it case may be. You also have to keep renewing your registration.

During my research I came across a web host service provider Druts where you can register your domain name for $12 per year, which I think is a very reasonable deal.

A domain name is very important so you can Save towards buying your unique domain name specific for your businesses, blogs, online stores and so on you can check out Druts at and purchase yours if you want to make that bold step.

Do you have a domain name? Have you ever thought of getting one? Ever tried Druts or any other web hosting service providers? Share with me on the comment section.

Have a lovely weekend. Love D.A♥


    1. WordPress offers are different. And yes buying your own domain name can be done via wordpress by going pro or any other web hosting service like Druts. So I guess choosing one that suits your budget and propose is necessary

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