Hey Sis! Yes you.

It’s international women’s day and all I can think of sharing with my beautiful amazing sisters out there all over the world reading this a piece I wrote some time ago.


More than the lipstick

More than those stilettos

More than the inches of weave and extentions

More than the nail polish

More than the natural curls

We are more than what the eyes can see

Judging a book by its cover should be a crime

Judging a female by her grooming choices are absurd

Beneath that Russian red are prayerful lips

Beneath the inches of weave and extentions and curls are working brains

Beneath the mascara eyes that have cried more tears than you could imagine

Beneath the layers of clothing is a hearts that bleeds for love ones

Beneath those polished nails are hardworking hands

Women suffer as much as any other humans on earth

Women are judged more than any other humans on earth also

We only know how to dress everything up to look cute and shining

We only know how to hide the flaws and pains better

Remember this when next you want to Judge a woman

Remember we are MORE.


Being a woman isn’t easy being a woman in 2018 isn’t easy but you got this rise above it all, know that you are more and you can be anything and do anything. Because you’re a QUEEN!

And to all the men that support the women in their lives and push them to be better and make understand their beauty and strength. You are Heros, Warriors and Kings and we appreciate you💋.

Happy International Women’s Day Sis. Love D.A♥


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