Your Money: Having a positive attitude towards money helps you manage it better.

The money talk is usually very uncomfortable for most people. People usually do not like talking about their finances or their spending habits because it isn’t easy to discuss what they fail to realise is this having a positive view towards money help you manage it better.

Most people dread tracking their spending why? because they feel money isn’t something that they can be controlled and most individuals do not like discussing things or circumstances they feel they cannot control.

That is a bad attitude towards money, feeling that it is an item that you cannot have control over makes money control you instead of you controlling your money which is wrong because you can control your money.

Let us start this with a mantra start by saying “it is MY Money” repeat this after me “It is MY Money” and “I control what is MINE, hence, I can control MY Money” why? Because it is YOURS so best believe that you can control it.

Now that is first step to controlling your spending and even earning habits it all starts from your mind. Having good control of your spending is the first step to adequately managing your money after that has been achieved then, you can start saving by starting a rainy day fund which is a bold step in making a great financial decision for yourself and for your future.

Yes, financial security can be achieved but not overnight and definitely not with a negative attitude towards money.

How having a positive attitude towards money can help beef up your earning capabilities.First off to control your money you have to start by earning some money in the first place. The fear of talking about your finances my be the very thing hindering your earning more. A practical example of a man working at a firm diligently for well over 5 years without promotions or improvement in his salary. Now the most sensible thing will be to ask for a raise based on the fact that he has earned it and deserved it and this should be relatively easy except for the minor issue of his negative attitude towards money hence, he gets scared and sweaty and cannot talk about his much deserved raise not because he feels he doesn’t deserve it, he knows he does but he would rather not talk about money because he feels he cannot understand or control money.

This happens to a lot of people and the situation is quite uncommon and isn’t all that unique because a lot of people out there believe they cannot control money which may interpret to believing they do not deserve money.

One major step to taking control of your life is taking control over your finances. It shows a degree and a level of responsibility on your part towards what is important which is your money.

All this starts however, with having a positive attitude towards your money. Make a conscious effort to get comfortable talking and analyzing your money that way you can manage spend and earn it better. Get positive about your money today.

I really hope this post was helpful to you, I really want to know your view on this, does your attitude to money matter? Share your thoughts at the COMMENT section. Enjoy your weekend.

Love D.A


  1. Well written.👍
    Whenever I don’t plan how to spend my money, I end up overspending.
    But when I draw out a list, I am able to make better choices and scrape out unnecessary things, which equals higher savings.

    Liked by 2 people

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