My Eko Tales: A cooking Party at Samantha’s Bistro featuring tasty custom Burgers.

Today, a couple of creatives and I attended a cooking party themed “Burgers and Cooking Parties” hosted by Samantha’s Bistro, and Gourmet Burger Bar.

Cooking Party

This is the first cooking party I have ever attended and yes it was really fun. We were a party of about 13 including the chefs, the lovely Chef Dumbei and the handsome Chef James.

Our challenge was to make our burgers with the ingredients we got from playing a game the twister. We played in pairs, I was paired with an amazing wordpress blogger Sortgut she was really fun partner


After playing my round I ended up with a receipe/ingredient list which will guide me into making my own burger. You can imagine my excitment when I saw things like pineapple, Emmental Cheese (which I called elementary cheese silly me 😊), oxtail and veggie patty.

My list

Making my burger

After adding my filling which was a mixture of pieces of pineapple, advocado, cheese, lean bacon and so on. My custom made Burger was  almost ready.

The last step was “cooking” it using fire, that was honestly the coolest part because you see the effect fire has on the cheese and filling as it melt the drippy sauce and ready to be eaten. After that last step Dee’s cheese veggie patty and beacon Burger was ready for consumption.

The cooking party was so much fun and I learnt how to make a burger and got to connect with so many amazing people. It exceeded my expectations.

I had a great time, I will definitely be visiting again. Have you ever attended a cooking party? Do you like burgers? Let’s discuss in the comment section below.

Ps: My Burger tasted fresh and absolutely yummy (and I am not just saying this because I made it).

Have a lovely weekend.

Love D.A ♥.


  1. This is a really cool idea. I will probably use this idea for a future party. How was the pineapple in the burger? I have never had fruit in my burger.


    1. the pineapple in the burger was absolutely refreshing and yum it gave it a fresh juicy taste. You should try this but ensure your pineapple is more sweet than sour.


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