The fashion piece you should have in your wardrobe and Hello April!

It’s officially the end of the first week in April and I just realized it’s April already! The last time I took cognisance of time it was the end of February and look it is already the fourth month of 2018. This year have been so hectic and I have been having difficulty recollecting myself and making posts on the blog and I apologise for that. I have been asked how I keep up blogging and being a student and freelance writer well truth be told I have no idea I know I try my best to create content and I have procrastinated a lot lately especially when it comes to putting out the work on the blog because I always feel it is not yet ready  but I have come to realise  its all in my head.

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So to catch you up on what I have been up to lately, I have been studying, creating content on TheBloggerPoint and Pulse amidst all these I have been battling finishing my final year project and reading educational and motivational books. A week or so ago I had some sort of breakdown like writers block I couldn’t write I will pick up my laptop and stare at it until I fall asleep it was terrible so I took a break and tried to refocus my energy for some days and I wont say I am fully back to being me but I feel better and I will get there.

The fashion piece you should have in your wardrobe.

On the Fashion fort I have been in-love with Kimonos for a while now and I think it is absolutely fashionable because it can be styled in different ways like I did below.


Kimonos originated from japanese fashion  but has since evolved from the floor length robes into chic fashionable pieces of full and also half length made with a variety of textures of materials and it is very fun to style and wear.

My favorite kinds of Kimonos are the floral printed ones because they are so fun and flirty, my second favs will be the silk ones.


Another reason I love kimonos are the fact that they are versatile and can be styled differently. I have worn a kimono as a beach cover, a dress, paired it with jeans and an inner, styled it as a top trust me you can do so much with this article of clothing.

You can even sexy it up a little making it your own “victoria secret” this works for the silk kimonos trust me they look so cute and chic. The kimono may not be a trend right now but it is definitely a very essential fashion piece and you should own at least one of them.


My Outfit Details:

silk kimono – The5kshop  (i love its texture it’s currently sold out but if interested you could contact the store)

Long Floral Kimono- Handmade Toreracouture

Floral cotton kimono- Thrifted (bought it for about N500 somewhere around lagos cannot really remember)

Red Pants- Thrifted also (bargained these pants and got it for less than N1K5 (less than $5 I was so happy)

White inner- Thrifted also

Jeans- A gift from my sister 

My love for Kimonos is so strong I feel everyone should own one anyways that’s my opinion what is yours? Do you like Kimonos as much as I do or not? Drop your comment and let’s discuss. I hope you are enjoying this new month so far, are you experiencing any  any challenges? I would love to know I am not alone in the crew of the stressed and almost depressed. I hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to share your thoughts have a wonderful weekend. 


Oh and Happy New Month. Love D.A💋











  1. I only own one kimono now that I purchased in a thrift store several years ago, I’ve worn it once now and loved it! I really like the different ways you styled these, may make me want to purchase more!

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  2. I love kimonos because it covers my backside since I’m a little bit insecure about my body(the no ass gang), I currently own a lot of cover-up pieces and I think it’s time to buy a kimono.

    I love the way you styled it and you have a great post. About depression, last month was hell for me and I’m glad for April it been great, hope stress is not killing you?

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    1. Hey Dear thanks for reading, you should definitely get yourself a kimono am team zero ass also so I understand that struggle. Been handling stress the best way possible I feel way better than before 😊

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