Life: Time wasting closer to Death

What does it mean to have a fulfilled life and how does living a fulfilled life have to do with time management?

Church I photographed while rushing to take a bus

Time is constant it cannot be controlled or bought which makes it the most valuable commodity yet.

“Tick Tock says the clock tick tock what you want to do, do quick”

Imagine how the world would be if you could purchase time. I do not think that alot of us would be at our present level of sucess or failure. We would buy ourselves more time on that exams so we can get that A, we would add extra work hours to earn more, get to our appointments on time, choose our relationships wisely, extend our vacations to rest more.

Imagine if we could go back in time to change whatever we want, well we will take ourselves back to the time where we made that wrong decision that almost ruined our lives and undo it. We will take ourselves back to when we didnt have the courage to take that opportunity and take it. We will undo all the decisons we regret and make new ones.

Alot of people say only “if I could turn back time, only if I had more time”; we are constantly chasing time. Deadlines, Closing Dates, Ageing and so on.

Although we know the importance of time and how it affects our lives we still choose to ignore it. I don’t know if that is negligence or sheer stupidy.

I never understood the phrase “live each day like its your last” until I started trying to understand the beauty of time. I am very sure if we all knew our dates of death we will live our lives better and more consciously. We will take that class, we will start that business, book that flight, we will do so many things we always wanted to do but too scared to do.

How do we live more productive lives well adequate management and maximization of our 24 hours daily is a big step towards achieving that goal. This isn’t an automatic process but it is achievable over a preiod of time when done repeatedly.

Gradually take back your time by refocusing your attention and prioritizing. In other words dedicate a good majority of your time to your self development. It will be worth it.

Tick tock says the clock what you want to do, what decisions you want to make make them now. You really do not have all the time in the world. Just the way the church bells chimes reminding us of the time. We should always have that inner chime reminding us that with every second that passes we are closer to our death beds hence we should all cherish every minute and every second of our days and put it to good use.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I am currently focusing my time on my self growth as usually by engaging in mind and soul Awakening experiences like reading. I am currently reading Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso, and it has  been a lovely read so far. I think I should do a review in my next post. Make the most of your time love D.A💋

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