Beauty and Skincare: How stress affects your skin and 5 ways to remedy that!

Hello lovelies, how has your week been going so far? Today on the blog I will be discussing How stress affects your skin and five ways to remedy the effects.

I was looking at the mirror sometime back and I noticed alot of discoloration on my skin coupled with some rashes and for the life of me I didn’t know how they got there.

I have been so busy lately with my project and school work that I have completely abandoned taking care of my skin. For a student in her finals stress is my middle and surname and I only just noticed recently that it has been affecting my skin so badly and I want to change that.

So many of us are stressed from work, school, home the society we are very stressed which is never a good thing. Stress affects your skin it causes acne, discoloration, uneveness and so on. I have been on and on about ways to remedy these effects of stress on the skin and below I have listed 5 of them.

5 ways to remedy it:

  1. Sleep: lack of sleep affects your skin. When I am up all night on my computer analysing financial statements. I am stressed and irritable and this shows on my skin especially around my eyes. There is nothing cute about red eyes and scratches on my skin from itching which shows as a swelling the next morning. If this is your case the best remedy is SLEEP. So find some time no matter how little to grab yourself some sleep even if its more like a nap. Also if you wake up in the morning with puffy eyes you can remedy this by holding the back of a cold spoon up your under eye and massage from inner to outer areas of your eyes you should feel better in no time. Make sure the spoon isn’t too cold and if you don’t have a fridge like me you can buy cold water soak it in a towel and place it on your eye lids for a few minutes.
  2. Hydrate: often when I am stressed I forget to drink water, because I am too “focused” on work. This is bad for my skin and yours if you fall into this category because your skin needs water to stay healthy promoting circulation and lack of it leaves your skin dry and rigid loosing its flexibility and So drinking alot of water helps
  3. Eat fruits: this is a hard one because I am personally battling with this currently because when I am stressed I tend to eat alot of junk especially if I have to be up all night I get hungry at night and snack on something or eat at an odd hour which is neither good for my skin or my body. Stocking up on fruits and veggies is the trick to this, that way you can have an healthier snack plus fruits contain antioxidants that help protect your skin from cellular damages caused by free radicals. Also eating a good amount of fruits help your skin and digestive system.
  4. Moisturize: Do not I repeat DO NOT be too busy to moisturize your skin. Trust me it will thank you. Lack of moisture affects the skin so to maintain the ph balance on your skin you should definitely Moisturize. Remember the best way to achieve this is to moisturize within 2 minutes of leaving the shower for better absorption.
  5. Exercise: now before you jump the gun I am not telling you to run 12 miles but a little activity here and there helps you sweat which ultimately helps your skin breathe which is great for your skin. Plus exercise increase blood flow that helps norish your skin.

Bonus Point: Lay off makeup for awhile if you can. I have been doing this personally, you are already stressed so is yoyr skin adding makeup to that mix may not be a good idea for both you and your skin. And if you have to wear makeup like I have to through out this week (I have some events to attend) please endeavor to clean it up properly before going to bed.

Here are my tips on taking care of your skin and preseving your beauty even through the most stressful periods of your life. If you have any additional tips I would love to know them lets exchange tips.

I hope you enjoyed the post, have a blessed day Ahead with glowy skin. Love D.A💋


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