Hello May! Mental health and Depression awareness.

Happy new month lovelies, I have decided this month will be dedicated Mental health and Depression awareness because this is a real issue and should be discussed.

The last few months have been hectic and stressful and I have felt overwhelmed and sad, angry and disappointed, whole lot of emotions. The great thing is I found a way to cope and go day after day telling myself “tomorrow is going to be better” but not everyone knows how to tackle this feeling of despair and sadness.

Mental health and depression awareness should be talked about everyday because there are so many people suffering in our world today.

I read online about the sucide of one of my favorite artists Avicii may his soul rest in perfect peace and I was really touched and disturbed about how a 20something year old with a successful career and a fan base that loves him will think life isn’t worth living anymore.

It shows how deep our mind could go and it’s power over our actions. Alot of cases of people you least expect attempting to take their lives shows that so many people are battling daily emotional and mental issues and they pretty it up with makeup, a smile and we think everything is find when it isn’t.

I used to believe the “keep up with those that keep up with you” adage until I realised sometimes some people aren’t checking on you or communicating with you because they are drowning in themselves and need help.

As we enter the month of May please if you are one of those people feeling drowned within yourself, feeling perpetually sad and angry at the world, if you have thought of taking your own life please DO NOT! You are worth something. You are worth a whole lot. This is not the end, God has a plan for you and God loves you.

In this month starting from today please spread love and not hate, positivity rather than negativity, check on your friends, your family check on them and let them know you love them. You never know what someone is going through.

Spread light and love. Take care of yourself and your being. Guard your heart and spread the love.

Happy new month loves, Love D.A đź’‹


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