Skincare: The Glow-Up Beauty Black Soap Review + Giveaway

Today on beauty I will be sharing my review on the GlowUp Herbal Soap an all natural beauty product I have been using for  little over a month now.


First off, my first experience using black soap was when I used the DuDu-Osun black soap I heard alot of great things so I wanted to really try it out for myself. Screenshot_20180511-212245I was super excited bought mine and used it for a month. After a while I noticed some dark patches on my skin  realized that it really burnt me. I stopped using  it and swore off black soap (for a while). Months later I was tempted by the tresbodyorganices black soap and fell in love with the African black soap again.

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A month ago I started using the   Glow Up Herbal Soap.

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I have been loving the experience so far. In this post I am sharing some things I noticed and liked about  the soap below:


  • Packaging: it came in a black plastic bottle which I really liked. Packaging is simple and durable. So if you are clumsy like me you will like this bottle.
  • Texture: the texture of the soap is smooth although  light I would have liked it if it was thicker but that’s just because I like my soap creamy.


  • Smell: the smell really stood out for me. I didn’t have that regular black soap smell. It had a nice fragrance and I really liked foaming it.
  • Self life: I have been using it for a month now and the self life has been good so far.

In Conclusion:

I really liked the product especially how it felt on my skin. One of my favorite things to do with this soap is washing my face after a long day It leaves my face CLEAN and it is an amazing feeling considering the dust and sweat and debris I know had accumulated within my pores  for hours before the wash. II recomme this soap because it’s been great on my skin so far. Also I am giving one of my regular blog readers living in Lagos the opportunity to try out this product for him/herself and tell me what they think about the product. To enter this giveaway you will have to be ACTIVE on my blog, also SUBSCRIBED to my blog and also following  me @deeawata and @glowbeautyandcosmetics on INSTAGRAM!


I hope you enjoyed this post I am open to trying out more natural beauty products especially black soaps and masks so if you have any you really like recommend them in the comments below. Thank you.

Goodluck to everyone entering for the Giveaway. Have a lovely day ahead. Love D.A😘



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