Life: Hello June! + New Series

Hello June! Happy New month Darlings!!


On the blog , the month of May was dedicated to Depression and mental health care. I received some messages about the articles I put up on here about this issue and I am really happy for the feedback.

So how was your month of May because mine had alot of activities plus school work. I took out time to balance myself and study for my exams which were fast approaching.

I  major highlight was meeting new people at the Ace Awards ceremony and getting to know more people and their stories via social media.

Athough I haven’t exhausted the topics on Depression and mental health, I will starting a new series on Gratitude for the mother of June.

Why Gratitude and what is gratitude?

Gratitude simply means appreciation, thankfulness, being grateful. When you are grateful you have realised there is something worthwhile within you that you have to be thankful for. This helps us in more ways than we realise.

For the next 21 day we will be talking Gratitude and saying why we are grateful and what we are grateful for.


So for Today, I am Grateful for life, I finally finished my exams they were challenging but they were good. I have faith in God and I believe he got me. Now I can share a glass of wine with friends and live a little.

How was May for you? What are yu looking forward to in June? How are you spending the weekend? And What are you grateful for?

share with me amd have a lovely weekend. Love D.A xo.



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