Life: The Magic of Gratitude

Hi Darlings, first off I want to say I am so grateful that you are reading this post. It’s June the month of Gratitude and today we will be discussing the Magic of Gratitude.

Gratitude like I said in my previous post means  being grateful or being thankful. I checked the dictionary and got this definition:


From the Above definition I picked out three major points:

  • Being in “Quality of being thankful”
  • Readiness in “readiness to show appreciation”
  • Return in “to return kindness”

So gratitude is simply not something you do it is “being” a second nature.  Hence, gratitude isn’t just an action of appreciation, it is a nature of appreciation which makes it a part of you. Readiness or to be ready means preparing for immediate action, when something is part of you you are always prepared to do it because it comes naturally to you ( second nature of gratitude) so you are always in a state of graciousness and thankfulness. Return means to reciprocate or give back and you can never give back what you don’t have. When you are grateful you can easily give back positive energy.

How to harness the Magic that is Gratitude.

Personally, harnessing gratitude is more  an experience, a lifestyle than just an attitude. Experiencing Gratitude rather than just acting grateful is allowing the act of gratitude sink in and since we are influenced to act our actions can influence us also. How do you feel when you say thank you? Think about it. Everytime you say thank you or appreciate someone, you become open internally it’s like your soul breathes. According to a blog I read “Feeling grateful is an internal experience of fullness and expansion in the heart, an expansion that spontaneously arises from the recognition of love, of goodness, and of grace.”- Consciouslifestylemag

images (8)

For me the easiest way to harness gratitude is to challenge myself to live each day thankfully. You can do this by waking up everyday and being thankful for the gift of life. This sets the day up for positivity.

images (5)

Say thank you your doorman when he opens the door for you and mean it, why? He is doing a good job, thank your cab man even if you paid him he still deserves thanks for his service, your mother, husband, wife, sister, friend for breakfast or that thing they must have done for you why? They put their time and effort into it, thank your co-workers, for the little things and mean it. So the first part was thanking but now you have to understand why it is important to do these things, doing these create good and positive vibes. Positive vibes attract positive things to you all day long.  There is always something to be grateful for even the little things like beating traffic to work, getting a call from an old friend, finding your blend of coffee, getting plantains to fry. There is an array of things to be grateful for to feel the magic of gratitude in form of positivity. What are you grateful for?

Today I am grateful for life first off and the yummy pancakes I just had. Also for the insightful conversations I share with friends especially the one I am having right now about schooling and further studies with my sis Inem.


Something to take into the new week. Have a lovely day and week ahead.



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