Fashion 101: Tips for Dressing all body types (Part 1: Ladies)

Hello darlings, fashion is the topic today and you will be reading tips for Dressing all body types. I am taking everyone back to the basics Fashion 101. Are you excited? Let’s jump right in!#29 Quote

There is a wide range of beautiful body types out there and each unique body type has different things to look out for when  picking out glam fits. Now you may be wondering this is another article to limit my style or cramp my swag. Hell No! Excuse my French. Fashion is clothes but style is an expression of fashion. Everyone’s expression is different and you should be able to wear anything you like.

Truth be told we all want to look good I mean after spending all that time picking out an outfit and after the dreams of how we are gonna slay them in that outfit, there is this feeling you get when the outfit isn’t looking the way you imagined it I know now it feels. Have you ever been in a situation where you have dreamt up your outfit, you have planned how fly you will look in it and how you are going to love it but at the end of the day all you do is look frumpy, ill fitted or weird in that outfit? And you are left thinking “it looked so good in the magazine, on television or my personal favorite on instagram, why does it look this way on me?” sometimes we don’t take our body shapes into consideration when buying clothes I mean we all make those mistakes and sometimes that’s the reason the dress looked fly on instagram and made you look like a sack of potatoes.

I’m giving you some tips on how to dress up your body type in a way that highlights your best most complimenting assets. Time to flaunt your God given assets.

Different female body types.

Most women fall into four categories
*Circle –thick around the middle
*Triangle- larger at the bottom
*Hourglass- curvy but evenly
*Rectangle-straight up and down

We also have the Diamond shaped and Inverted triangle.


The beautiful Circle- she is one who is bigger around her midriff (waist and belly region) her best features or selling point are her slender legs, slight shoulders and trim booty.


When choosing clothes blazers often compliment this body type, wrap dresses, asymmetrical hemlines also does wonders for this body type. Women with this body type often tend to cover up completely but that is a wrong way to dress your beautiful circle, you have great legs flaunt those, dresses with gathering hides the stomach thereby creating the hourglass effect. Since her body is soft and round her goal when picking out tops should be to buy tops that add structure like blazers and structured jackets. When picking out fabrics prints and patters look great on this body type especially on their upper body region, large floral, weighty fabrics like wool or heavy cotton, geometric prints tend to flatter the circle woman more there by adding the much needed structure

The Beautiful Triangle – she has shapely legs, a trim waist, shapely hips and her upper body is slender.


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Balance is the key to dressing this body type, the idea of wearing tight shirts makes your bottom look bigger than it is, this why some females complain they look ‘fat in them jeans’ it’s all about the balance, when choosing tops think layers wide scoop necks, one shoulder tops, cardigans,cropped jacket are great choices for the beautiful triangle. Boot cut pants worn with heels look great on this body type, also A-line cut skirts and dresses are great as they show off your tiny waist avoid high waist and pleated skirts but incorporated bright clours, chunky jewery, prints and patterns are also advisable but in darker colors for the lower body.

The Beautiful Hourglass- she has full breasts, a slim waist and curvy hips, this is usually the figure everyone looks up to and tries to mimic.


When dressing this body type keeping it clean and simple is the key avoid layers, and belts help show off your tiny waist and small belly. Fitted jackets, flare skirts, skirts that stop at or below the knee usually pencil skirts, as well as boot leg pants and skinny jeans all look good on this body type. Fitted and not tight skirts and pants are the idle way to pick out pants and skirts for the hourglass

The Beautiful Rectangle- she is slender with an athlectic figure this makes her often look boxy this often discourages women with the rectangle body types because they have the notion that clothes don’t look good on them because they do not have hips or are ruler shaped, but this is actually one of the best body shapes to dress.


Lace, silk and draping fabrics Avoid structured tops opt for tops with ruffle details, asymmentrical or rounded hemlines, wrap dresses and skirts are great, tank tops with thin deicate straps paired with high waisted pants are a great way to go also a pair of boyfriend jeans look good on the beautiful triangle.

The Beautiful inverted triangle- she has bigger under body and smaller lower body, her best features are her killer long legs and trim waist but dressing this body type can be tricky.


opt for deep V-necklines and cowl necks to help make the upper body appear smaller, avoid ruffles as they will make your upper body look even bigger, gently draped tops are a good choice,wide legged pants, long skirts that make your lower body look bigger are good choices, keep jewelery at minimum on your upper body, choose bright colours and prints for your lower body and stick to dark solid colours on your upper body to balance out figure.

Those are today’s tips leave a comment on how you dress your body type and I hope this post was helpful. Don’t forget to like and share with friends! 

Have a lovely day ahead. Love D.A

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