Life: The relationship between Gratitude and living your best life.

From the last time on Gratitude I spoke about the magic of Gratitude, today I am talking about the relationship between Gratitude and living your best life. There are many benefits to harnessing  a mindset of gratitude but there is a direct relationship between Gratitude and living your best life simply because when you are always grateful for the good in your life your mind automatically focuses on the good aspects of your life and the result of this is that you pay little or no attention to the bad which is awesome.

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Life is full of trials and challenges alot of things will hit you and test you but having a positive attitude in the face of these trials gives you the ability to tackle these challenges without negativity. Gratitude helps you focus on these good things.

Live intentionally and remember that you can and you will only if you put your heart and soul into it. Living your Best doesn’t mean you have a perfect life, it just means that you are ready to ride the waves and love yourself no matter what. Having a mindset of Gratitude sets you apart and shows the gap from where you were, where you are and where you are definitely going to be if you keep at it. Be grateful for the process.

The universe gives you what you put in sending in positive energy attracts positivity to you. The law of attraction mind translates into thought and thought into reality.

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What are you Grateful for? There are ways to live intentionally and graciously, one way is by keeping records mentally and physically of the good things in your life. That is my ultimate hack of living everyday actively in gratitude. And as a gift I have made a little cheat sheet for you my amazing readers.

Your Gratitude Cheat Sheet

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  • Every morning list things you are grateful for
  • Every night before you sleep take a mental picture of your day and pick out things you are grateful for. Trust me even in the shittest of shitty days there is always something or someone to be grateful for
  • Write a list of people you are grateful for, people who make your laugh, relationships that are about love and light.

This cheat sheet helps you focus your energy on the positive things and people in your life. When you focus more on your positive relationships the negatives do not have any place in your life. Your happiness level increase, you feel better within yourself, your spirit free and you attract the good things in life. You are your best self. That is the definition of living your best life.

I am grateful for you my amazing reader, for your time, likes and shares. I am grateful for life and God’s awesome favor and love. What are you grateful for today?

Something to take into the new week. Love D.A😘







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