Life: Bye June Hello July (June Favorites and July Series)

Hello Darlings, it is the last day of the month and also my mum’s special day. I am so grateful for another year celebrating my amazing mother and I am so happy a new month begins tomorrow.
June Review

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For me June marked a rollercoaster of emotions. This month I felt like giving up and not getting out of bed a lot but I kept going. The news I read on the internet about the happenings around me got me thinking about life and the quality of life. Just as my theme for the month said I chose gratitude over self pity and harnessing the power of Gratitude worked wonders for me this month.7 I always felt happiness which is a beautiful feeling. I realized the fact that we are still alive means God has an amazing plan for us and I can’t wait to see what he has in store. I decided to lend my voice in talking about the issues that affect me and my country by sensitising the public to get involved in speaking up for the truth. Since I made that decision I have learnt a lot about my country and people. For that I am grateful for the opportunity to do whatever I can to help. I have alot to be grateful for and I have been listing there things out daily.
Hello July


July is here and I know it’s going to be amazing. For July I have decided to focus on physical and mental wellness because I have come to realize that the mind is a powerful tool and a strong body enhances a strong mind. Since the beginning of the year I have read a lot of books of great substance and in the month of July every week I will share one book I read and review it here for you all to read. Also focusing on wellness of the body I will be taking on detox and rejuvenation so therefore today marks my last cheat day for the next few weeks. I have read that having a healthier lifestyle leads to a happier life so let’s test that theory shall we? Also I get to go home for the summer holidays after 5 months of being away from home, I get to focus on me, writing more and creating more photo and I may dabble in creating video content let’s see how that goes. Can’t wait to try so many new things and discover new places and people.


Happy July loves many blessings this month. If you would like me to share details of my detox here on the blog say so in the comments section I will love to take you on this with me. Enjoy July and do something awesome each day this month.

Love D.A


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