Book Review and Personal Take :#GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso

#Girl Boss was written by Sophia Amoruso a prominent business woman CEO of clothing brand Nasty Gal.


I know they are a lot of rags to riches stories out there right now especially on social media but this isn’t like any of those. Sophia Amoruso in this book talked about her journey from broke to finding a passion which she stuck with until it became a multimillion dollar fashion business. In the book the author spoke about her childhood, her teenage years, failed experiences and how she had to pick herself up every time she failed. I have read this book over and over again and I recognized some characteristics in Sophia which I wish to share with you my lovely readers today.


Before we jump into any of that you should know this book isn’t for females alone (even if it says #GirlBoss) any male learn a thing or two about becoming a boss from this book. Also you don’t have to be a CEO to become a #Girlboss because being a girl boss is more about our attitude towards our lives and how we see ourselves as individuals which goes way beyond being rich or a business owner.

My personal take and lessons I have learnt from Sophia Amoruso in this book.

• Be true to yourself: being true to yourself is the ultimate first step to becoming a #GirlBoss. Answer the questions who am I? What do I do that people go wow? What are my strengths and weaknesses? What do I wabw to achieve in life.

Truthfully answer these questions and you are one step ahead on becoming a girl boss. Through out the book the author was very real with her audience and that shows she is a 100% true to herself.
• Find your passion: a passion is the thing that gets you up in the morning out in the cold or sun doing what you love. Search within yourself and find that which sets your soul ablaze. It could be blogging, making dresses, taking care of people, singing, taking photographs etc. Find it girlfriend!
• Set goals and don’t be scared to be ambitious: stop commenting goals on Instagram and set actual goals for yourself according to your dreams. Be ambitious in your business, career, education and do not be scared to be a big dreamer, Sophia wasn’t you shouldn’t either. A #girlboss takes her life seriously that is why she sets goals for herself.
• Be bold in pursuing your Goals: a #Girlboss is BOLD she purses her goals without fear because she knows fear just hinders you from attaining your true potential. There are no rules to becoming a #GirlBoss so don’t e scared to break a few rules. It’s your life your risks so as I always say Chest it babe😉 don’t be afraid of competition if abytanyt welcome it wholeheartedly.
• Recognize an opportunity: opportunities come sometimes once in a lifetime so when you see a great opportunity don’t let fear take over your better judgement. Remember nothing substantial grows in your comfort zone. So go out and source for that business opportunity, that promotion, those extra credit you can slay them because you are a Boss.
• Forget the naysayers: we are always going to have people in our lives that will belittle or dreams and discourage us. Ever heard the phrase first they criticize then they copy? Yes that’s basic human nature. When going at your goals and you have naysayers saying this and that, well ignore them no matter how close they are to your heart. Trust me when I say this a GirlBoss knows at the end of the day it’s her life and she will do everything to make her dreams come true. She will work harder, read longer, invest more agressively take more risks as long as they align with her passion and her passion is her happiness. It doesn’t matter what they think what do you think? Is this going to be a success do your homework don’t jump blindly into anything be it business, relationship or even friendship. Instead locate your tribe of creatives and innovators these people will be your audience and your supporters.
• A GirlBoss is wise with her money: a girl boss is wise with her money. She works hard for it so she spends it wisely. She isn’t loose with her cash and makes wise decisions.
I have always wanted to be a #Girlboss because to me being a GirlBoss is knowing who I am and taking pride in that.


Being a #GirlBoss is being in charge and taking conscious efforts to live a better and more meaningful life. Trust me it’s a process sometimes I am weak and I feel like I can’t do it even if I haven’t even scratched the surface of my abilities and ambitions. Some day I will get to the position where I can give advice to younger girls and guys on how to be a Boss but for now I am enjoying the process and reading great books that help propel me to do more such as this.
I am leaving you with three pieces of advice straight from Sophia Amoruso
“ I want you to
remember: Don’t ever grow
up. Don’t become a bore.
Don’t ever let the Man get to you.” -Sophia Amoruso.

Have a wonderful week loves. You can find this book on Amazon or any other online store for about $13 which I think is steal for the wealth of knowledge in this book. You definitely should check it out. Have you read this book or any book similar to this? Share your thoughts on this posts and the moves you are currently making to become a #GirlBoss or #Boss.


Don’t forget to smile.

Love D.A


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