Fashion: 5 ways to successfully incorporate a Bomber jacket into your everyday look.

Today on fashion I am sharing 5 ways to incorporate the bomber jacket into your everyday look as a wardrobe staple.


The bomber jacket is not like any other jacket. It has a sporty chic feel to it and can be styled through seasons therefore this versatility makes it a wardrobe staple.
I know it’s summer in some parts of the world but it’s raining cats and dogs in Nigeria. But guess what? You can wear this piece both in sunny summer days or cold days.
The bomber jacket has been a long lasting trend. I have been loving it for over a year now and have found a way to incorporate it into my everyday wardrobe. First off, as an accounting student my wardrobe ranges from corporate (which is a requirement for business students in my uni), to causal and sometimes sporty which perfectly mirror the wardrobe of any woman.
Incorporating the Bomber jacket into your everyday wardrobe may be a bit tricky because the bomber jacket is super casual, super sporty piece and it is not like the regular suit jacket.
For those who want to wear bomber jackets but are not sure as to how to pull it off to class, work or on a date.

Here are tips for you:
• Corporate: I am starting with corporate because it always seems it’s most difficult to incorporate the bomber jacket into your everyday work wears but the trick is to treat it like every other jacket. Since the bomber jacket is super sporty and casual for work you may want to wear a plain one with less designs, for those that work at extremely corporate organizations you may not want to wear this on a Monday but if you are daring enough to then ensure to wear it with tucked in shirts on well tailored pants or skirts. Be sure to pair it with the right shoes for the ladies pointy toes heels give the ultimate corporate vibe and for the guys a pair of brogues.

You can even replace your suit jacket with the bomber jacket for a different look and feel.

• Chic: there are many chic ways to wear the bomber jacket whether you are going for lunch dates with the girls or for a client meeting or a party there are ways to pair the bomber jacket to look fashionable and chic. This will involve choosing pieces like loose pants, tee shirts, mom jeans or a ripped jeans to suit your taste. Keeping it chic, classy and comfy.

• Fun: a fun way to wear bomber jackets are with shorts, floral dresses or mini skirts, paired with a tank top or a cute blouse. You can wear these with wedges, booties and flat or heeled sandals.

• Date: yes you can wear a cute bomber jacket on a date, pair it with a sequin or leather skirt or an lbd for that extra snazz and you are good to go!

• Fitness: since it’s already sporty you can wear the bomber jacket with your fitness gear. Just ensure that they aren’t too heavy especially when you want to go for a jog. Some of us do not like wearing just the fitness tights and tank, therefore a bomber jacket is a great addition to your fitness wears.

images (9)

That is all for the day about bomber jackets I really hope this post helps you successfully incorporate the bomber jacket into your wardrobe. Do you own a bomber jacket? Do you wear it to work and on dates? Do share your thoughts below.

Have a lovely weekend. Love D.A


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