Life: The role your mind plays in your happiness+ #OOTD

“Happiness starts from within” this goes beyond mere words because happiness real joy starts from within. You are your thoughts because those are what manifest into action. Your thoughts dictate your life because those are what dictate your decisions.

Like I have said before the mind is a great tool, your thoughts make or break you. For this reason alone we have to have a grip on our wandering thoughts because our minds play a very important role in our happiness. Unhappiness is conceived in your thoughts before it is manifested in reality. Your mind tells you are a failure or inadequate, you believe it and then this rubs you of your joy. Which is neither fair to you or the people around you, because your behavior as a result of your thoughts affect people around you negatively or positively.
There are several ways to focus your mind in the right way. Some of these ways are by thinking positive thoughts, celebrating your achievements no matter how little because the little things matter the most and always ensure to maintain that state of mind through out the day everyday. Reading motivational books, listening to pods and watching videos that will ensure you are always in a great state of mind. Have that conviction in your heart that you owe yourself to be always be Happy. Your happiness should be a priority to you.


There are also many reasons why we should not let our minds be our downfall because if you let negative thoughts take over nothing will ever be good enough, your achievements you are supposed to celebrate will look less and less which will lead to lack of joy which leads you slowly towards depression.
No matter the situation you find yourself in we should always remember that absolutely no one has the key to your happiness, you own that key. Also, happiness starts from within the innermost parts of your mind. So focus your mind on the positive aspects of your life which you work on the negative to ensure your happiness and peace of mind are kept intact.
Outfit Details
Blouse: Joie de Vivre (was my mum’s so it’s probably vintage)
Skirt: Papaya
Bag: Mango
Sandals: le Sorelle


Always remember that you have the key to your happiness. Keep shinning Queen and Kings. Love D.A.


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