Wellness: 5 classes of foods to eat while you Detox.

For the past weeks I have been Detoxing and trying to eat right and one question that reoccurred in my mind was what foods to eat while I detox? What foods are appropriate to eat?
First off, there are reasons why you have to eat right during a detox. Your body is emitting toxins so you have to keep your energy levels up, create body restoration hormones.

What to eat while Detoxifying?There are various classes of food as we all know and there is a long list of what you can eat while your body undergo detoxification from some of these classes of food.

5 of the classes of food included in this list are:

images (13)

•Fruits: this is actually my first on the list because they are easily accessible and we all know how beneficial they are to the body. Pineapples, pears, water melon, lemon, oranges, mangos and so on serve as great food and snacks to eat during detox.

• Veggies: most kids hate veggies during childhood although I am an exception to that I always loved vegetables they are colorful and attractive and very healthy. Carrots, onions, garlic, okra, lettuce and so on are great to eat while Detoxing.

images (5)

• Yams and Potatoes: yams are delicious and so are potatoes whether sweet or Irish they are healthy choices
• Grains and Rice: whole grains are super healthy, wheat, oats, brown rice, wheat pasta are all great yum and super healthy.

images (20)

• Legumes and fats: they have high fiber, protein and natural fats are good for your health and perfect for consumption while detoxification.
The above classes of foods are to aid effective detoxification of the body and also help keep energy levels high to avoid weakness. Don’t forget to drink alot of water.

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I personally I have been sticking to eating fruits like this delicious bowl of Papaya, cucumber and lemon above. I have felt really great these past days. Apples are also great to eat while Detoxifying. I love apples, what are your favorite fruits and veggies?

Totally Unrelated: I changed my blog colour, theme and layout. Trying something new and exciting. I would like to know your thoughts on this change. kindly leave your thoughts below. Thanks a lot and a big thank you to all of you my awesome readers you are really amazing. Bless your Hearts.

Love D.A.


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