Wellness: 5 amazing benefits and simple recipes of infused water

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Water they say is life but infused water is water with a cherry on the top. Infused water is water that is infused with herbs, veggies or fruits it is also known as flavored water or detox water.
We all know that water is beneficial to our body for the health of our bodies but many of us don’t drink water as required by our bodies simply because drinking water when you are not thirsty gets boring.

There are many benefits of drinking infused water apart from the obvious benefit of making drinking water exciting and, some of these benefits are:
• Boost digestion
• Healthy replacement for sugary drinks
• Increased energy levels
• Used during weight loss
• Boost immune system
• Detox and toxins removal


Making infused water is pretty easy but it goes beyond cutting fruits and vegetables and putting it in any glass of water. When making infused water there are some things to look out for, like:
• Ingredients: when making anything the ingredients are to be taken into consideration. When infusing fruits like lemon, citrus they can stay in the water way longer than softer fruits like melons, strawberries which has the tendency of getting waterlogged if soaked for long hours.
• Temperature: water is infused at room temperature for an hour or two before refrigerated to prevent bacterial growth.
• Suitability: after 24 hours the infused water is ready to drink.
That said there are 5 easy combinations of infused water:
• Lemon and cucumber
• Lime and ginger
• Lemon, orange and mint
• Lemon and lime
• Green Tea, lime and mint

Drinking infused water all day improves your vitamins and minerals as fruits are packed with vitamins great for you and me. There are many other combinations of fruits and vegetables for infused water. Go on YouTube and Pinterest for inspiration.
Slice, infuse and enjoy. Love D.A.


  1. An info everyone should be aware of. The fruits make water prettier, more than that it’s giving much benefit to our body. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  2. Love infused water and this is a great post – especially all the combination suggestions. When I was traveling overseas this summer I was surprised to find huge jars of infused water and ice on counters in bars and cafes. They were having record breaking heat and here would be these beautiful jars with condensation on the outside and full of the good stuff. This was in both Scotland and Denmark. Wish more places here did the same thing.


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