3 days 3 Quotes Challenge: Day Two

It’s Day Two on my 3 days 3 Quotes Challenge. Today’s Quote is powerful to me I call it short and powerful. It’s a quote by Lalah Deliah that’s states

“ She remembered who she was and the game changed”

Short and direct and it sinks in my soul. Short story: a friend of mine told me today “stop doing this for free and start charging for your services”. And I realized this isn’t the first time that someone is telling me this. Some years back I was helping a friend with the person’s fashion Brand and I was doing it for free my sister opposed to this but I felt it was not a big deal because I was doing it for a friend who told me I was part of the company. I put my sweat and all only to have all my hardwork spat back in my face. It hurt so much back then because I had to choose my self respect over any money and time I put into it, I lived and moved on but with a lesson.


           Over the years I have always felt weird asking for payment for my services, so I was was doing some stuff I had zero business doing for free for free!  Because I was constantly undervaluing myself this didn’t yell my sense of self worth.
Truth be told we all do this, if you are being totally honest with yourself you will find out that you must have done this once or twice. You feel bad about it but you think we’ll it is what it is.

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She remembered who she was and the game changed. The real question is who are you? What is your worth?
She remembered who she was, she remembered her value, she remembered her worth and it changed the game. This doesn’t have to be financially or work wise alone, this affects your life all round. Even in relationships if you know your Worth you will never accept anything less than what you deserve from family, from friends and from your partner.

If you know you deserve to be respected, or paid more and you are being disrespected or underpaid constantly at home or at work. Remember who you are tell yourself I deserve to be respected, I deserve to be paid more. Remember and take action, change the game. Do not accept less anymore don’t undervalue yourself because that is like setting limitations for yourself and from the last post we know that limitations aren’t good.
I urge us all to remember that we are the light of the world and the salt of the Earth. God thinks we are wonderful and important so why do you doubt? Why do you value yourself less? Why do you feel you cannot take, create and change? You have within you all things you need to become who you are and by the grace of God I hope we all reach our full potentials.  Have you ever struggled with something similar? I will love to hear from you.

Always remember:


Have a good one. Love D.A


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