Product Review: Leemahluxury Rose water + 10 benefits of Rose water.

Rose water is a flavoured water made by steeping rose petals in water. I have always wanted to try out Rose water and has been on my skincare wish list for a very long time, so you can imagine my excitement when I received a bottle of Rosewater included in the package I received from an organic skincare Brand Leemahluxury about a month ago.

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Leemahluxury is an all natural skincare Brand and their products are made from natural substances aimed to help enhance the health of the skin.
My experience with the Rosewater sent by Leemahluxury has been nothing short of amazing. When I received it I tried it on a small part of my skin first to check for irritations and I didn’t have any irritations so I proceeded to use it on my face. It had a calming effect on my face which I loved.
So far I have used the Rose water in 5 ways:
1. As a daily face mist to hydrate my skin especially on really hot days.
2. Before application of my makeup as a base I tried it and it worked for me. I also use it as a setting spray after applying my makeup to ensure longevity of my makeup through out the day especially when I attend events.


3. I use it to mystify my blending brush during the application of foundation on my face, by doing so my foundation blends perfectly.
4. I use it to calm face irritations like when I had a rash breakout last week my face felt like I rubbed it with pepper. I was in so much discomfort until I tried the Rosewater on it. It calmed my skin to a bearable extent.
5. I also use it to treat sunburn.

Price: This amazing product from Leemahluxury goes for N1000 for 100ml bottle which I think is really affordable, you can order directly from the Instagram store @Leemahluxury

Side Effects: I haven’t had any side effects from this product so far. I will keep using it and update you all if any changes occur.


I love rose water because it has some many skin benefits such as calming irritations which is my personal favorite. There are many other benefits of Rosewater such as:
i. Reduces redness of the skin for my light skinned people.
ii. Prevents skin infections
iii. Heals cuts
iv. Fades scars
v. Treat infection
vi. Used as an anti aging elixir
vii. Powerful cell protection due to the antioxidants it contains
viii. Helps with indigestion
ix. Relaxes the central nervous system
x. It’s great to use Rosewater in your daily remedies and recipes
Rosewater has no known side effects that may be the reason why many people of different native like the Indians swear by it. Although everybody’s skin reacts differently to different products I believe it is worth a try especially since it is relatively affordable. Do you use Rose water? How do you use it? Would you like to try it? Share your thoughts with me.


Have a lovely week. Love D.A


  1. Rosewater is my face best friend. I never ever thought of it until I had acne troubles and was advised to get one and so far, that what i used on my face as a cleanser and also as a face moisturizer and so far it is one of the best face invention ever made.

    I love this review and I think it’s time to try this Leemah products for once too.


  2. Rosewater is also a great rinse for scalp and hair. My husband grows a lot of roses and we use them for so many things. Sugaring the petals for desserts and salads, collecting the hips for their high vitamin C…and rosewater. The hips I collect after the first frost and dry them. Then they’re de-seeded and saved for tea. Nothing better on a snowy winter day then rose hip tea with a little honey. Enjoy your rosewater!


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