Simple ways to Supercharge your inner Happiness

Hello  guys I don’t know if you noticed but I took some much needed days off to get my mind right because I was going through a slight emotional meltdown but I am back, better and Sharing the simple ways to supercharge your happiness like I did.


Happiness is a pleasant emotional state where an individual feels joy from within and is in a state of inner peace. Everyone wants to be happy every day of week, every week of the year but sustaining a constant feeling of happiness is near impossible due to the fact that emotions change easily so today we are discussing simple ways to supercharge your inner happiness.

Haven’t you ever wished happiness came in a drug which you could easily purchase at any drugstore? I have always wondered how it would be to turn that frown or sadness in a second.


Here are some tips to be happy and stay happy every day:
Wake up with a daily Mantra: I realized having a daily mantra can set your mood right for the day and week. Mantras are like daily affirmations you tell yourself which invariably improve the quality of your life because saying out positive words to yourself helps you stay positive, giving you a positive mindset throughout the day. An example of a daily Mantra I love is one I formulated myself “God has deemed me worthy to see another day, therefore I am worthy and I am loved because life is the greatest gift ever given” I love saying this to myself every morning because it makes me feel grateful to be alive and gives me a sense of self-worth. Taking this mindset into a day is awesome as any negativity thrown your way will not have the ability of hurt you. Why? Because you are worthy in the sight of God. Another example of a mantra I love is “I cannot control other people but I can control myself” I stumbled upon this line online some time ago and it stuck and has helped me overcome anger and necessary frustrations inflicted by others.
Count your blessings no matter how small: so many people focus on the negative aspects of their lives forgetting that there are a lot of blessings to be grateful for. Feeling grateful for the blessings bestowed upon you gives you a positive mindset throughout the day. Counting your blessings help you focus on the positivity in your life. Wake up each morning and count the blessing of waking up that morning, you beat traffic to work that day that is a blessing worth counting, it rained but you got to your destination before it started pouring that is another blessing to be counted. The little things matter, the little blessings lead to the bigger blessings so count your blessings and be happy.
Don’t let your mind get you:  I believe I wrote about the power of our minds before. Sometimes our minds are  the bane of our existence, it is a powerful tool that tells us who we are daily. Negative thoughts will suck out your happiness and your inner peace while positive thoughts enhance your daily positivity and when you are positive you are happy and you can take on the world. Tell yourself “yes I can”, encourage yourself to do that job by saying “you got this”, “you can do this” shut out negativity by telling yourself “I am special”, “I am awesome”, “I am worthy” and believe every word even when the world say you aren’t.
Practice Mid-day Meditation: mid-day is wen all the stress of the day sets in taking off a few minutes to meditate is way of maintaining a certain level of happiness all though out the day especially when you are very stressed out during the day. When you seem overwhelmed by work or emotions that seems to threaten your happiness and inner peace a few minutes of meditation can set you right back on track. At the office you can take an excuse and go to a quiet place in your office and this can even be the rest room, take those moments of silence to get your mind right and reaffirm yourself this could be done by reciting your mantra. Do not let chaos take over your mind always ensure to maintain your inner happiness and peace.
Be optimistic: optimism goes beyond having appositive mindset and having positive thoughts. It is maintaining a positive demure in every situation and case scenario. Optimism is the ability of understanding everything thing that comes your way and choosing to look at it from the positive point of view. An optimist always look at the bright side of things and when there seems to be no bright side he or she remains positive that everything will be alright in the end. Being optimistic gives hope and hope gives happiness because we tend to know at the back of our minds that we will always be fine no matter the challenges we face and that in itself is something to be happy about always.
Use social media positively: some people believe you have to stay away from social media to maintain a happy life but not me. Some of us cannot stay off social media because it is part of our everyday lives. There are so many people who work on social media daily interacting with people therefore it is impossible to tell someone like that to stay off their means of livelihood. I agree that there is a lot of negativity going about on social media twitter and it is hard to escape this chaos that will deter your inner happiness. However, there are ways to using social media positively one of such ways is by joining a group of like-minded people with same interests. Being in a group like that is a very fun thing to do because you will have amazing conversations which will stimulate happiness.
Live your life: many a times we allow the society and others to dictate how we should live our lives and how we should act and react to certain scenarios. We let their opinions about our lives rob us of our happiness because we can never live up to their expectations and trying to put us under unnecessary pressure that is not good for our minds. To live happily means to live freely without pressure to live up to unreasonable standards. So live your life as freely as you possibly can neither void of responsibilities nor choked by unbearably high expectations that will rob you of your happiness.

• Forgive easily: make it conscious effort to forgive easily whether you are forgiving others for their wrong doings against you or you are forgiving yourself. The act of forgiving rids you of guilt and uneasiness caused by holding grudges. Let things go easily and give yourself your much deserved inner happiness because the weight that guilt causes resentment.
• Speak up for yourself: speaking up for yourself helps you express yourself and how you are feeling. If you do not like something make sure you speak up rather than just accepting everything given to you. We all want and need our opinions to be heard and considered to feel like a great part of the universe. Do not shy away from speaking up when you need to the worse that can happen is that your ideas or suggestions are rejected but at least you are sure you tried hence you will not have the burden of those thoughts. Airing your views and your opinions especially on things that matter to you give you a sense fulfillment. If you keep your opinions to yourself, your unshared thoughts will end up a burden and this threatens your happiness.
I could keep writing of the ways to remain happy but I will rather you told me below with your comment? What’s your secret to happiness?


Ensure you practice these steps daily to live a happier life. I hope this was helpful to you. Have a great week ahead Love D.A


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