Life lately: September Favorites x Hello October

Hello lovelies, Happy New month first off I am very happy that the month of September has ended and I am so happy and excited for a another Month.

September Review
The month of September was amazing and a lot happened. I got to level up in many ways which meant less time for me and more time put into growing me. So far so good I’m glad for the changes and the challenges. The one thing I’m so proud of is I FINALLY PUT OUT VIDEO CONTENT. Yaaay.

For me it’s a big deal because I’m super awkward and shy but I finally told myself it’s now or never and did it. You can watch this on my Instagram stories on my Beauty Highlight and rate my performance.
Skincare: this month my go to skincare products were the Leemahluxury Rosewater which is simply amazing, so amazing I did a review here on the blog. Other skincare products that took this limelight were the St ives green tea scrub, coconut oil, PureTropix Africa honey oil cleanser.

Fashion: went shopping with my mom and she got me a really cute floral top which is definitely my favorite. I love it so much. I also received earrings from her isn’t my mum awesome? My absolute favorite this pink bucket bag but it belongs to my sister.

Adventures: I didn’t do a lot of outdoor activities this month. I tried going to the gym for a while (story for another day). I saw a movie Mile 22 with one of my best friends, it was an action thriller and I recommend you watch it Also.

Wellness: I have be supercharging my happiness, peace and emotional well being. Trying to eat right and detox every other week.
September was a good month I thank the Lord for his grace and I know better days are coming.


Hello October
Yaaay it’s my October for those that did not know October is my birthday month and this year I am super excited. Like I cannot contain my happiness. Why? Well I’m not only turning 23 this month I am graduating from college same week. Yeah you heard that right. Okuuuuuur!

I don’t want to spill the beans but I know very little days are coming. Trust me I will be taking you along side via blog posts, videos and maybe a blog post who knows. So if you want to be abreast with everything you definitely should follow me on social media @deeawata and subscribe to the blog.
Who is excited? Because I know I am. What are your plans for the new month? What are you looking forward to? Leave me comments let’s plan together.


Can’t wait for all this month has to offer. Remember I love you all. Love D.A.


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