Steps to choosing the perfect fragrance

Perfumes. We all love perfumes because we love to smell nice and picking the perfect fragrance plays a very important role in this, although it is quite difficult to choose the perfect fragrance.


Some time ago my sisters and I tried to pick out a fragrance for mum and we couldn’t because we weren’t sure what she would like or what to get.

I received a fragrance from my dad when I got home from Uni and I fell in love with it instantly.


This got me thinking on how he managed to pick out the perfect fragrance for me.
There are some things to put in cconsideratio when choosing your perfect scent. Below I listed some steps to take while trying to get your perfect fragrance.
Step 1: Remember the Golden Rule of shopping, forget the Packaging it doesn’t matter how cute the packaging of a fragrance is the smell of that fragrance is much more important than the fragrance. So don’t buy the bottle buy the content of the bottle.
Step 2: Your Personality. One thing to always take into consideration is your personality and preference this guides us when choosing that perfect fragrance. I for one don’t like the flowery or fruity types. I prefer masculine fragrances to feminine ones because I feel they are clean and direct. However yours will be different, the person you are probably are buying it for will definitely have a different taste based on your personality.

Step 3: What is your Budget? Yes you have to have a budget when you go fragrance shopping. So ask yourself how much am I willing to spend on my fragrance and this budget should be guided by how much you earn. Do not spend above your means to smell good. You can smell good within your respective budget and income.
Step 4: Stick with your class. Every fragrance has a class if you like really mild perfumes then stick with that class when you want a fragrance change and if you want a drastic change I advise you check out fragrances from similar less mild perfumes. Going from mild to strong overnight may cause you to waste your money. If that change is really wanted take a sample and try it out for a while before deciding to go with it. Don’t buy on first impression when making a drastic fragrance change.
Step 5: Test Run. When you go sniffing for a new fragrance don’t spray them all on your body. Try them on a piece of paper or in the cover so you don’t get confused with so many different scents at once. Another top is to go fragrance shopping early in the morning because your senses are heightened at that time of day.
You can also ask for samples of the fragrances that you preferred to further observation before buying.
This steps may not be useful to those who purchase online but you can use the perfume society as a guide to fragrance buying.
How we smell is very important because we are smelt before we are seen. Choosing the right fragrance to suit your personality and taste cannot be over emphasized. I hope this steps listed above help you when next you go fragrance shopping. How do you choose your perfect scent? What is your perfect scent? Are the above steps useful? kindly share with me below.

Keep smelling lovely. Love D.A


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