My first felabration experience Celebrating music|My Eko Tales

On Thursday I got the opportunity to attend felabration for the first time ever with my big sis and my cousin after wanting to for years and here is my experience.



Felabration is an annual concert hosted to celebrate African musical legend Fela kuti and his influence on musical diversity in Africa. It is also an opportunity for new artists to perform exposing them to a wider audience.

This yearly event is hosted at the African Shrine otherwise known as Fela Shrine and attracts all music lovers across Nigeria, Africa and the world in a whole.


For those that do not know why Fela Kuti is being celebrated, Fela was a creative genuis that used his music to lend a voice to the average Nigerian or African during a time where men where killed for the truth. Until tommorow, Fela will forever remain a great part of history and the growth of freedom of speech, Afro beats and music in general in Nigeria. For this reason alone he deserves to be celebrated, that is why felabration is held every year in october.


I have always been a lover of Fela and his music so I have always wanted to attend felabration but have not really had the opportunity to because of school and educational demands.
This year’s felabration started on the 15th and just ended yesterday 21st October 2018 and I got the to attend for a day. The show usually starts from 7pm and ends by 4am or so and there are series of performances that will hold the people spell bound for hours.


On Thursday, I got the opportunity to attend felabration for the first time ever with my big sis and my cousin after wanting to for years and here is my experience.
My Previous Notion.
In my country a lot of people associate Fela’s music and Felabration with societal vices. This made me feel like felabration would not be safe.


I associate Fela with music and pure undiluted art. My love for Fela was cemented after I visited Kalakuta Fela’s house and I got to understand his story, his life and how he went about his passion which was very inspiring.
My Experience
We left the house at about 8:00pm I was super excited to be attending especially because I was attending with some of my favorite people ever!
The event was happening inside the Fela Shrine and entry was absolutely free. The shrine was packed full with Fela and music lovers and I liked how everyone was doing their thing and enjoying the night.


Fun Fact
Marijuana is legal only on Fela’s properties the Kalakuta and the New African Shrine this may be why many people go there and one reason a lot of people frown at felabration and everything that has to do with Fela. However, felabration is much more than a place to Smoke. It is an event that celebrates the diversity of music in it’s different raw and refined forms. A variety of artists performed especially new acts testing their craft with a wider audience.
I loved the vibe I got when I attended everyone were there enjoying the music and food. Vendors were selling different merchandise with Fela’s picture, others were selling food and drinks ranging from small chops to catfish pepper soup.
Some of my favorite acts that performed were the dancers and one guy that free styled a short rap, I really enjoyed his piece.

My favorite thing of the night aside from the drive to and for, the music, and the pictures, the roasted stewed turkey wings we had were the best thing I have eaten in a very long time. We purchased it from one of the road side vendors. It was street food at it’s peak.



I regret leaving early, we left early because we were really tired but next time I attend I will go prepared ready to stay till the end.

In conclusion, I had a fun night, it was very amazing to cancel something this cool and fun off my things to do in Lagos list. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Until next time, have a wonderful week ahead. Love D.A


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