Travel: 5 qualities to identify the perfect travel buddy.

We all love to travel and although traveling alone is cool, having a travel buddy is way cooler but only if you have the perfect travel buddy.

A travel buddy or travel partner(s) is a person or persons with whom you have made travel arrangements with, this person(s) shares the same transportation and accomodation with you and will travel together with you through out the trip.

A travel buddy keeps you company through out your travel and this means you aren’t alone, shares costs with you on accomodation, meals, but how do you identify the very perfect travel buddy for you because let us be real you cannot travel with every person you know or meet.

For me as a blogger especially one that loves to travel whenever given the opportunity, I constantly take and edit pictures to bring my posts to bring them to life so photos are very important to me. To achieve this I need quality and clear pictures.While some really blessed individuals can take their own photographs themselves ie. self shoot, others who can’t are left with the options of asking complete strangers to take pictures of them, or having travel partner(s) to assist.

Others need some sort of companionship. Someone to talk with and experience new things with. These are some reasons why most of us need travel buddies to adventure with them.

Travel buddies could be anyone from family, friends, fellow bloggers to photographers or even acquaintance. However, there are certain things or qualites to look out for when choosing your travel buddy or buddies to make the most of your trip.

There are some of these qualities to looks out for:

* Patient: the best travel buddy for anyone is a very patient person. I can’t really speak for others but I know I can be very bougie when I want to be hence this is why the person that travels with me has to understand the need for my “bougieness” and totally roll with it. Alot of us have our shortcomings and these shortcomings have a way of showing themselves when you are faced with difficulties which can always arise on your journey. Hence patience is very needed.

* Great camera skills: we bloggers live for the pictures literally and I know everyone loves great pictures of themselves. So having someone who can take amazing pictures of you is very important, although this may be difficult because you hardly find someone who can photograph you perfectly. I feel you should always be able to return the favor so your travel buddy has pictures of themselves also.

* Fun: I love having fun, I mean who doesnt? A travel buddy that is fun to be around, inquisitive and ready for adventure is definitely a plus because this individual is the person that will encourage you to live outside your comfort zone. We travel to explore another area, region, state, country, therefore having that perfect person to push you is very important to enjoying your experience this is why one of my best girls, my friend Paula is definitely the perfect travel buddy because she always pushes me outside my comfort zone to try new things and meet new people. Today we tried watermelon on the street of Darkin Gari something I would normally not do but I enjoyed every second if it.

* Mature you dont want them wandering off: I have heard stories of people that travelled in a group or with a friend and someone wandered off with another group or with someone else. The perfect travel buddy will wander off only if you are wandering off too. Travel buddies stick together that is like the golden rule. So if you have someone travelling with you ensure it is someone that will definitely stick together especially in an unfamiliar place for your safety.

* Amiable and easy going: we all want our trips to go hitch free especially if we are going with our trave buddies but change is the only constant thing in life so therefore an easy going amiable person is the best to travel with.

How do you love to travel?Do you travel solo or with a buddie? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts let’s discuss.

My plane just landed and my travel buddy is waiting so I got to run. Meanwhile I will be waiting for your comments. Love D.A


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