Life Lately: Turning 23 accepting change and Adulting.

A new Age always reminds you of the limited time you have here on earth to live your best and impact the world. I turned 23 on the 30th of october and I have been reminiscing on the past year and thinking alot on life, what 23 means to me, the changes that are currently happening in my life and Adulting.

A year ago just about this time I was thinking wow turning 22 in a bit and what am I proud of? Because I felt like I had to be at least proud of something over the year.

Last year, I was a bit sad because I was sure that I haven’t done enough to be proud of but right now I at 23 similar feelings came creeping back and although I won’t say that I am extremely satisfied with were I currently am, but I can definitely say that I am absolutely grateful for everything I have and everything I have been through this past year.

In the past year, I have I graduated college, started a business, been blogging, and started a new career path in digital marketing which has been interesting so far, met new people, sustained my old friendships to the best of my ability, dealt with loss, anxiety and extreme sadness and I have manged to come out okay. I am so super grateful for every smile, every tear, every hurt and I can’t wait to see what this new year has for me.


I have never anticipated being an “Adult” these past years, although I knew somewhere within me that I have to be responsible for all my actions and bear the consequences squarely.

I am currently adulting, as a new member of the workforce done with school and begining another path for myself, so far so good all I can say about adulting is that I am scared! Scared of the unknown, scared of joblessness, of failure, but admist this fear I sort of know I will be alright.

23 to me means a new opportunity to pray more, hope, plan and execute. For these reasons I am making myself some promises against this new year for me.

5 promises I am making to myself in this new year:

1. To be more intentional with my life and decisons.

2. To communicate more.

3. To focus on my craft (writing and photographing etc.).

4. Stop Procastinating and shying away from opportunities because of fear.

5. To love more and forgive more. I have realised that other people’s feelings can be hurt easily therefore, I pray for love, patience and wisdom in handling others.

All these and more I really hope to achieve this year and when I take stock in another year before I turn 24 I will have done alot of amazing things God willing.

I had amazing plans for my 23rd but I had to cancel those plans because I had to go and serve my country (adulting). I will be keeping you guys posted on this adult life journey. Meanwhile don’t forget to wish me a happy birthday.

Keep Glowing. Happy November. Love D.A.


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