Travel Diary: Exploring Kebbi, living the northern life and finding the best spots.

Have you ever felt like you are exactly where you are supposed to be. No additions, no subtracting that this moment is yours and yours alone and you will do everything to live in this moment and enjoy it? I had a few of these moments during my short stay at Kebbi.

From my last posts you must have noticed that I mentioned Kebbi. I traveled to Kebbi, a state located in the northern part of Nigeria. The laguage spoken there is hausa, the religion are Islam and Christianity and it has boarders to two African countries Benin Republic and Niger.

Kebbi is a relatively big and unknown state at least it was to me. Truth be told I didn’t go to Kebbi on a planned travel adventure to discover a new place, but I found myself in Kebbi due to a mandatory country service demanded of me. At first I was devastated and confused but as the saying goes when life hands you lemons you grab the tequila bottle and make shots.

I arrived kebbi on the 24th of October and I left on the 14th of November. My Kebbi Experience was absolutely amazing and at the same time very challenging.

I can categorically say that in the three plus weeks I was at Kebbi I only truly experienced the state of Kebbi for only three days and this started when I left my service camp.

Kebbi has got to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to in my life. The sky was so blue it looked like a painting, the sunsets were golden and the surises were a sight to behold. Everything was beautiful I had moments were I just sat and stared at the sky marvelling at such wonderous beauty.

My Kebbi experience started at Birnin Kebbi when I landed at the airport and proceeded to Dankigari a village in Kebbi and then back to Birnin Kebbi.

I saw a different kind of life one filled with humility, simplicity and beauty. On my way to and from Dankigari I had the opportunity to view the country side of Kebbi. There were little settlements of farmers and fishers. I saw people going to their farms and I also saw cattle rears with their cattle and camel handlers with the camels carrying load.

Going to a new place is always a challenge for me especially since the people over there had a different culture and spoke a different language. The Kebbi people speak Hausa as their main dialect only a few of them speak and understand English and amongst the few that speak English only a few are educated and understand English clearly.

One of the challenges I faced going around Kebbi was the language barrier, so trying to communicate with the locals was near impossible in some areas especially when you want to ask some vital questions about the place. The funny thing is that they may not understand you but they certainly understand money.

Another challenge was the weather, when it was sunny it was HOT, when it was cold it was freezing and towards the end of my stay the harmattan season started which was windy, dusty, hot and cold. My health was affected alot but I enjoyed my stay regardless.

Talking about my Kebbi Experience would not be complete without talking about my travel buddies Unique Jessy, Troublesome and awesome Dupe, close friend Paula and the charming Seun.

We were a group of five that explored Kebbi together and I would say having them with me made everything even more fun.

During my stay in Kebbi we stayed firstly at the orientation camp and when we got out of camp we stayed at the City Inn Guest house at Gese Birnin Kebbi. First thing you should know is that there are hotels and guest houses that do not entertain any form of male and female contact.

This is so due to their sharia law so getting an accommodation that will not separate us from the male in the group was a bit tricky but with the help of a friend of a friend we were able to secure this particular place.

There were not many fun places to go to in Birnin Kebbi but we visted a couple of cool places. The market were we bought jalabias, leather handmade slides and sandals and explored alot.

Afterwards we visited a place called Plus center which is supposed to be likke their “mall”, there was an event center, a resturant and also a another vip resturant, and an icecream palour were we had the most creamy ice-cream.

The people of Kebbi were very accommodating. I wanted to do three things in Kebbi:

  1. Get my henna Done. ✔
  2. Buy a Jalabia. ✔
  3. Meet Amazing people and live in the moment. ✔

My experience in Kebbi was amazing, I loved the sky, the people I met, the sunsets, the vibrant market and my travel buddies which were absolutely amazing. I will definitely love to visit this place again soon and maybe use the opportunity to visit Niger and Benin replublic the boarding countries.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and tell me about your latest adventure and the place that gave you the chills in the comment section.

Meanwhile, until next time sending you love and light. Enjoy your week. Love D.A.


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