College Series (ii) : 15 things you need to know to survive College.

College is a place where you have ultimate freedom to do whatever you want and that is a reason why most people feel that when they get into college they are finally free into the “real world” so they can do whatever they please. Meanwhile that is not the case, in college you have to be conscious of yourself and your company because this “freedom” you see now will either make or mar your future.

Therefore in part 2 of this series I am sharing 15 plus things you have to know about college, be you a college freshman or sophomore or in your final year or just preparing to enter college for the first time.

I learnt these things along 4 years of experiences in the “real world” of university grounds and I am sharing this information free of charge for all my college students and intending college students because there are alot of thing you never know before going to college and there are alot of avoidable mistakes you can make.

15 things should know to survive College:

  1. That freedom you feel is all in your head: many teens and twenty somethings see college as the land of ultimate freedom. Freedom to party, stay out all night, drink (ir)responsibily and have causal relationships. The truth is this freedom you so crave is so empty and can consume you and mar your life forever.
  2. Remember those you left at home: we all come from a home and by home I dont mean the structureof a father, mother etc. Home is were love is and this is found in your loved ones so before you make those your decisons take them into consideration.
  3. Your education is actually a piority: what was the reason you went to college in the first place? To get an education right? So why do you feel missing classes, tests and so on is the right way to go? Think about this for a moment if you dont get anything out of college you should at least get the education you went there for dont you think?
  4. The bed you make you will definitely lie on: knowing that your education is piority then you should also know that the amount of time you put into your studies determines the kind of result you come out with. There is no magic when it comes to education, if you don’t read you will definitely fail. So therefore to avoid all of that make out time to study and dont think studying makes you a nerd or uncool not passing your exams gives you a much worse tag.
  5. Have a system that works for you: I for one love going out and having a bit of fun so that I can feel some type of balance. This works for me because a less stressed me will be a better student. So I found a balance between fun and studies. It was not easy but I got myself a daily routine and a monthly routine that worked for me.
  6. Know yourself: ask yourself who am I? Don’t be the person that follows the crowd without a mind of your own. Trust me you need to know when not be a crowd follower. You don’t want to follow the crowd to a wrong place at the wrong time. This is very important for your safety.
  7. Choose your friends: your friends can either make college exciting or horrible. It is very important you get the right kind of friends. You definitely need friends that motivate you and challenge you to be better.
  8. Patience is a virtue: patience is a virtue you need to harness in your college experience. You need patience at every junction even in your studies you need to be patient and ready to take the time needed to study better to achieve success. Success doesn’t happen overnight so you definitely need the patience and tenacity needed to succeed.
  9. There is nothing new under the sun: so many people have graduated from the uni therefore that difficult task that seems impossible is very possible. Why? Because others before you have done it. Have this attitude while tackling those problems that will come your way and you would not be seeing mountains but solvable problems.
  10. Head over heart: you will meet people and get emotionally attached to them, this may lead to a relationship or not. The important part of this is whatever this relationship leads to, always think with your head not your heart. Don’t say you want to jump off a building over a heartbreak your life is worth more than that. Also, don’t prioritize a person over your studies. This may sound funny now but trust me in a few years you will be glad you thought with your head and did not act with your emotions.
  11. Discover your talent: the first way to make extra cash, get some type of validation in college or to balance school and life is to find something you love doing and stick to it. When I was in Uni I realized that I love writing, I wrote when I was sad, confused, angry and writing helped me balance out my college life and I also earned extra cash from it. It gave me a sense of self worth and fulfillment and started a sequel of events that molded the reality that I am currently living in.
  12. Learn to say NO and stand by it: there are many situations that will arise that deserves you to say NO and stick by your No which is very important. It could be for your own safety so knowing when to say No is very important.
  13. Your safety is a priority: uni students love to party and have fun and go on several adventures but remember your safety is a pirority, it should be your one and only pirority when ever you are out even when you are out with trusted people.
  14. Your health is a piority: do not be over taken by partying or studying or both that you forget to take care of your health. Your health is very important.
  15. Take a break: learn to breath, learn to rest and learn to take a break. Appreciate the time you have in college and live in the moment with the future in mind.

Your years as a uni student will come and they will go, while surviving college and graduating with good grades is very important, making friends and memories are equally important.

So find your balance and enjoy every single college day, the rough ones and the great ones they all come together to shape you into an amazing important part of the society.

I really hope you find some of these tips helpful and I will like to know your thoughts on this in the comment section. Have a wonderful weekend. Love D.A.


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